Back At Dragon Island

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We got up at dawn and went to find Hiccup and Ruby who were preparing for the journey. They were packing a lot of things into their backpacks. "So Just how long is the flight to Dragon Island?" I asked. "It takes one and a half days to get to Berk flying so it'll be two days." Toothless said. I sighed, this was going to be a long journey. Ruby climbed onto my back and Hiccup onto Toothless. We set off over the blue salty ocean with a strong wind in our wings and slowly, but surely made our way towards Dragon Island.

2 Days Later....

We finally reached Helheim's Gate and landed on a small rock to catch our breath. "You know it better then I do." NightShade said. I nodded and leapt into the air leading the way. We flew West through the maze of rocks and sea stacks covered in thick fog. We weaved in and out of the rocks and flew past quite a few shipwrecks until I finally spotted the distant outline of Dragons Island and sped towards it. We flew towards the volcano. "Ice, I think we should spend the night here, we haven't rested for days." Toothless said. "Okay, but be careful the Green Death lives here." I said. As dangerous as it was, he was right, we needed to rest. "There's a Green Death?!" Toothless asked shocked. "Yes, she's the egg of the Red Death and has a few dragons working for her." I told him. "When did this all happen?" Toothless asked. "When you were busy cuddling your fishbone." I grinned. "Ha, ha, very funny." Toothless muttered sarcastically as we entered the volcano. "Be quite and stay low." I whispered. We flew in the dragon tunnel which was completely open to the beach since Stoick had destroyed  the rock wall. We found the Night Fury hole. We crawled inside and of course it was empty. It was late evening and all the dragons were asleep in the tunnel. We settled down and got some rest.

I opened my eyes and saw a dark grey metallic Razorwhip glaring down at me. I blinked a couple times then jumped back. "Who are you?" The Razorwhip interrogated. "Shh!" I snapped at the Razorwhip in case any dragons woke up. "Follow me." I said as I flew out the tunnel and landed on the black stones of the beach. The Razorwhip landed next to me looking unamused. "Who are you?" The Razorwhip asked again. "I'm IceGlow, the Alpha Night Fury." I announced as I lit up my scales for proof. "I'm AshSmoke." The Razorwhip told me as she lowered her head. "What are you doing at Dragon Island, if the Green Death finds you she will kill you." AshSmoke said. "I'm the leader of an island called The Golden Enclave and I'm traveling back there. I have been flying for two days and needed to rest." I explained. "And what about the other Fury and the two humans?" AshSmoke asked. "They live on an island called Dragons Edge where dragons and humans live in peace and work together." I told her. "Dragons and humans work together?" AshSmoke asked shocked. "Yes, the other Fury is going back, but I need to get to my island." I said. "I would give anything to work with humans in peace." AshSmoke said with a sparkle in her eye. "I'll try and help you get out of here alive." AshSmoke told me. "Thank you." I smiled.

We flew back into the tunnel and I introduced AshSmoke to Toothless, Hiccup and Ruby. The Razorwhip took a liking to Ruby and two of them got on well. "Okay, all the dragons are up so we need to get past the Green Death to exit the volcano safely." AshSmoke said taking a look around. I nodded. "I'll go ahead and throw a rock on the ground in the tunnel when it's clear." AshSmoke said. I nodded and she flew out the hole. "Do you think we can trust her?" Toothless asked. "Yes, I think so." I told him hoping I was right. A rock landed on the dusty ground right outside the Night Fury hole. I looked up and down the tunnel just to make sure then leapt out and glided over to AshSmoke. We met and slowly traced the walls of the volcano. "Wow look at this amazing rock." Hiccup whispered to Ruby. "Very nice, now be quite and leave it alone." Ruby snapped back. "I need to take a sample to look at with Fishlegs." Hiccup insisted. "Hiccup just leave it!" Ruby scream-whispered. But my soulmate's fishbone didn't listen. Hiccup reached out and grabbed a couple rocks. "Got it!" Hiccup grinned. Toothless groaned in complaint. "I know, bud, I know. But look at how impressive it is." Hiccup whispered as he showed one of the rocks to Toothless who purred softly. "See bud, that wasn't so bad...oh no!" Hiccup said as the rock slipped out of his hand. The rock fell down and made a loud shattering sound as it hit the ground down below. I flattered my ears as an angry roar sounded throughout the volcano.

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