Back From The Dead?

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I watched the sun rise slowly over the salty water around me. NightSong had gone back to the den, but I had spent the night here, alone. I smelt an unusual smell and sat up looking around. I noticed a small black dot hovering in the fly in the distance. I watched as it came closer and realised it was a dragon. I leapt into the air and decided to investigate. I made sure my scales weren't glowing so it couldn't see me. I flew closer and realised it was a male Night Fury. I gasped, I thought all the last Night Furies were dead or here on The Golden Enclave. I realised that he had a human on his back who was riding him. "Poor dragon, he's a slave to one of those horrible humans, I've got to help him!" I told myself. I raced towards the Fury and shot a blast at the human. "Is that another Night Fury?" I heard the human ask in utter amazement. Oh yeah, I forgot humans thought we were all extinct. I shot another blast and the human fell off. But the Night Fury dived down after him. Then the boy opened his arms and flew...? He seemed to have made wings. The Fury landed on the ground and the boy glided over and landed next to him. Why didn't the Fury just fly away?

I hovered above them. The Fury let the boy climb back into him then they were up in the air again. I didn't understand, why did this Night Fury love that human so much? "Ok bud, we need to get that Night Fury back to Dragons Edge." The boy told his dragon. The Fury nodded and flew towards me. I realised that I needed to lead them away from The Golden Enclave otherwise all the dragons were in great danger, so I took off in the opposite direction. I raced over the ocean with the wind rushing past my scales. I looked back at the dragon behind and saw that he had a red and white left tail flap. This was the same dragon that killed the Red Death! I needed to get away from them. He may have been a Night Fury, but he had to carry the weight of that human as well so I had a huge advantage. I spotted an island that we had passed when looking for a new home, it was an island full of tight tunnels, caves and rocks. It was just what I needed. I dived into a tunnel and used my echolocation to navigate my way. I heard the other dragon getting further behind me. I flew out of a hole and towards the only island I new better then anyone, Dragon Island.

I reached Dragon Island and headed to the top of the volcano. The Fury had caught up again and was right behind me. I dived down and felt heat against my scales as I entered the hole where the Red Death once ruled. I looked up and saw the Fury fly out again, he couldn't go near the heat with his tail flap. I sat down on a rock to catch my breath. I looked in the hole and saw a familiar looking dragon, the Green Death. It nearly as big as it's mother and was demanding food from the small group of dragons that had stayed. After a few seconds I leapt up again and towards the secret exit that only me, NightSong and NightShade new about. When I went to the exit I froze, the Night Fury was waiting there, he knew I would go there. I growled and let up my scales. "She's glowing blue!" I heard the boy gasp. "IceGlow?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked around, it couldn't be? "IceGlow, is that you?" The Night Fury asked. I looked into his eyes and realised it was NightShade.

"Nightshade? Is that really you?" I asked. "Yes Ice, it's me!" NightShade said. "What's going on bud?" The human asked putting a hand on NightShade's head. I growled as I remembered that he was loyal to this fishbone on his back. "Ice, please let me explain." NightShade pleaded. I had been wishing for this my whole life, wishing NightShade would be alive, but now that he was, I was so scared. I dived forwards, dodging his wings and took off into the sky. "After her bud, we need to get her back to Dragons Edge!" I heard the boy say. And of course NightShade obeyed and flew after me. "Ice, Wait! Please just talk to me!" I heard NightShade calling from behind me. But I didn't listen instead a flew at the blazing speed of a Night Fury and disappeared into a thick cloud of fog.

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