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Three years later...

I dove down from the high clouds I was in just seconds ago and plunged into the salty water of the ocean. I hooked my claws onto the shark below me and bite it's neck. I flew out of the water dragging the struggling shark with me. I flew past some rocks and knocked the shark into them. Finally the shark stopped struggling and accepted it's fate. I landed on the shore of The Golden Enclave and put down the shark. "Sorry." I muttered then killed it.

I dropped the shark at the entrance of the den and walked inside as the four Night Fury hatchlings ran up to me and proceeded to jump all over me. "They're very hyper today!" I said laughing as I approached the proud parents, NightSong and StarGaze. I ripped out two pieces of the shark, ate one and took the other to mother who was laying at the back of the den. "Hey mother, how are you doing?" I asked. "Just fine." Mother replied. I dropped the piece of shark and watched her start to eat it. Mother was getting old now and spent most of her days in the den watching over the hatchlings. "Go for a flight later, it will be good to feel the wind in your wings again." I told her. Mother nodded and swallowed the last piece of shark.

The next morning I got up early and did my scout flight around the island making sure no humans or any other danger was nearby. I flew past the waterfall as I finished my round and landed by the pool. I heard a nearby squawk and turned around to see three Nadder hatchlings and their mother. "Hey Crystal, how are they doing?" I asked as Crystal the Nadder took a sip of water. "They're great and very excited to learn to fly tomorrow." Crystal said smiling. I smiled back and said my goodbyes before heading back to the den.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow, I mean it's a new event so I assume you have a plan..?" Was the first thing I heard when I landed in the cave. "Good morning to you too StarGaze." I told her rolling my eyes. "And as for tomorrow, leave it to me." I said walking past her. "Give her a break." I heard NightSong tell his soulmate as he watched me lay down.

The next day I hovered in front of all the dragons and their hatchings. We were on the top of a cliff and it was time for the hatchlings to learnt to fly. "Ok, just jump and open your wings as wide as possible. Once your wings are open and you can feel the wind under them, flap them as hard as you can. Don't worry, your parents will catch you if you can't do it and I'll be there to catch you too." I told all the hatchlings. I nodded and watched the adults jump into the air and hover above their children. One by one the hatchlings jumped off the cliff and fell down, then opened their wings, flapped them and flew. It took all day and a lot of tries, but in the evening all the families went for a sky tour of the island. I sat in the den and watched the dragons flying. I spotted NightSong and StarGaze with their kids, they looked so happy. I felt tears rolling down my face. I missed NightShade so much, it should have been us flying around the island with our family of hatchlings.

That evening StarGaze went on and on about how proud she was of her hatchlings and much she loved watching them learn to fly. "And they looked gorgeous covered in the golden light of the sunset. And having NightSong next to me, it was a dream come true. Today was perfect! And I'm so glad the kids are happy." StarGaze told the gathering of Night Furies around her. "Ok, ok, we get it, you have a family and kids and your all happy!" I snapped at her. "Okay grumpy, just because you never had a soulmate..." StarGaze began. "I lost my soulmate and if you had actually done your job he would still be alive!" I shouted at her as I lit up my scales. "How is any of this my fault? You let him get shot and then left him there, its your fault he's dead!" StarGaze shouted back. "You don't deserve to have a family and be happy, it only happened because my brother is your soulmate! He does everything in your family and all you do is boast about your kids!" I snapped at her. "At least I have a soulmate and a family!" StarGaze growled as she leapt forwards. I shot a blast at the ground in front of her as a warning for her not come any closer. StarGaze growled as jumped onto me. NightSong stepped in and quickly dragged her away from me then growled at her telling her off. "See your soulmate still chooses me over you!" I said grinning. "Ok that's enough!" Mother said from behind me. I turned around and all the hatchlings huddled up behind my very angry mother. I looked ahead and saw an angry StarGaze and a surprisingly clam brother. I leapt into the air and out of the den. I shot another blast that exploded by the cave entrance to leave a point that I was still mad then took off.

I flew over the water for a long time and eventually lay down on a small island of rock and sand as the night drew in. A little while later NightSong landed next to me. "Sorry if any of that offended you." I said as he sat next to me. "It's okay, you're upset and you miss him, I get it. I know it must be really hard to see a family grow when you don't have one. I completely understand how it is for you and I'm sorry you don't have that." NightSong said softly. I looked up and purred as NightSong cuddled up next to me. "You should go back and see that they're okay." I told my brother. "They'll be fine. Anyway, StarGaze shouldn't have said those things and you need me more right now." NightSong said. I smiled and closed my eyes.

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