The Egg

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I opened my eyes and found myself inside something. I used my claws to break whatever it was open and pulled myself out. I saw a black and blue egg behind me, that's what I must have come out of. I looked up with my light green eyes and saw a big, black dragon looking down at me with green eyes. "Hello little one" the dragon said kindly. "Mamma?" I asked her as I titled my head. "Yes, I'm your mother" Said my mamma. I felt really happy seeing mamma and knowing she was here to look after me. I felt like I could do anything and she would be there for me, like I was in charge of my life. Suddenly my scales started glowing an icy blue colour along the fins that run from my head, down my back to my tail. "Your a very special dragon IceGlow" mamma told me smiling. "IceGlow? What does that mean?" I asked. "It's your name" mamma said. Before we could talk anymore I heard a cracking sound and turned around to see a small black dragon crawl out of his egg. "That's your brother" mamma told me. I heard more cracking and looked around to see two more eggs hatch and two more black dragons crawl out of their black eggs. I looked over at my three brothers, NightSong, BlackStar and SmokeCloud. "I'm going to get some food, stay here and I'll be back soon" mamma told us then she spread her wings and flew away.

I looked around the nest, it was in a cave on the top of a high mountain. After looking around for a while, I went to my brothers. "Hey look, Ice is here" SmokeCloud said grinning at me. "Hello brothers!" I said happily. "What's up with you Ice?" Why are you so different huh?" BlackStar asked smirking. "W-what? I'm can just glow blue and mamma says I'm special" I replied, a little hurt by what he was saying. "Ha! Mamma says your special, your just different! Your a useless runt!" BlackStar yelled at me. "Yeah, Ice the runt!" SmokeCloud jointed in. "No I'm not" I said as tears started rolling down my face and the blue glowing stopped. "Runt! Runt! Runt!" They started cheering. I covered my face with my tail flaps as I started crying more. "Oh look, Ice the runt is crying!" BlackStar Said laughing.

"Hey, stop it and leave her alone!" I heard NightSong say. I lifted my tail and looked up, NightSong stood in front of me with his back arched as he growled at my brothers. "Huh? What's this? NightSong dares to stand up to me?!" BlackStar asked with a puff of smoke. "Yes actually, I do" NightSong said calmly. "Huh! It's always a bad decision to stand up to your leader!" BlackStar yelled with anger. "Yeah, don't mess with the leader" SmokeCloud added. "Leader? your not leader!" NightSong said glaring at BlackStar. BlackStar growled and pounced at NightSong. I backed off as the two males began to fight. BlackStar pinned NightSong down and had clearly won the fight. "You see, don't mess with me!" BlackStar growled between deep breaths. "I'll get you back" NightSong muttered. BlackStar began clawing at NightSong making him bleed. By this point I had enough, my scales glowed blue again and I pounced at my brother.

I landed on BlackStar knocking him over. BlackStar quickly got up and ran straight for me, I jumped above him as he ran under me. BlackStar stopped and turned around with a snarl. I ran and jumped on him and pushed him to the ground. BlackStar started clawing at me and fighting back. I jumped back then ran forward and shoved him. BlackStar growled and I could see he was getting tired. 'He needs to be put in his place!' I thought as a bashed into him again. BlackStar went skidding backwards and went over the cliff, but just managed to hold onto the edge. I walked over to BlackStar and stood above him with smoke coming from my nose. "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" BlackStar said to me as he started to lose his grip, the rock crumbled and fell away. I jumped forward and tried to grab him, but I was to late. I watched in horror as BlackStar fell down the mountain and went out of sight. I hadn't meant for that to happen, I just wanted to put him in his place.

I turned around expecting by two brothers to be mad at me, but when I turned around they lowered their heads. "We have a new leader" SmokeCloud said. I looked over at NighySong who nodded. "I'm sorry about earlier" SmokeCloud said in a small voice. "It's fine....This time" I told him as I sat up tall excepting my role as leader. I looked up and saw mamma land in the nest with food. "The strangest thing just happened, I was flying back with food when BlackStar fell past me and crashed down to his death!" Mamma said glaring at me and my brothers. "He was hurting NightSong so I had to put him in his place, I didn't mean to kill him though, I'm sorry!" I told her. I waited for her to scold me for killing me own brother. "Wow, it's true!" Mamma said. "What..? whats true?" I asked. "There once was a prophecy that one day the Alpha Night Fury would be born, she would be have icy blue glowing scales and be the greatest known leader. And today you showed true leader power." mamma told me. "Im powerful?" I asked just to make sure. "Yes. Night Furies are very powerful dragons in general and are wanted by the humans. And even though the Night Fury is the fastest dragon ever, the people captured the rest of the Night Furies so now there are only a few left and we may even be the last." mamma told us all.

I sat by the mountain that night staring out into the darkness. "I'm sorry BlackStar" I whispered. I couldn't help feeling guilty, I mean, I had just killed my own brother. I sat on the edge and felt the wind in my face as my black and blue scales shone in the moonlight.

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