Chapter 3

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Lightning's POV

My eyes snapped open when I felt someone shaking me. I grabbed their hands not thinking and I let them go grabbing the knife that I had in my shirt. I looked at who was shaking me and it was Carl.

"Sorry. I'm not used to a wake up call like that." I said placing my knife back in my shirt. "I fell asleep?" I asked rubbing my heavy eyes.

"It's alright and yeah, you did. Anyway, we're here so hurry up." Carl said walking away. I jumped out of the truck and looked around. I gasped at what I saw.

A huge prison that was secure with tall gates. People were everywhere. Eating food, talking or staring at the newcomer which just so happened to be me.

"Lightning! Come on." I heard Carl shout in the distance. I looked for him and found him stopped looking at me. I than started to run to him.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" By now everyone had noticed me and was watching me with curiously and distrust.

"Because you're the newcomer." He replied simply.

"Oh." I didn't really have much to say so I just kept walking.

Carl took me in the prison and into a cell that held bunk beds. There was a blanket and a pillow on each bed.

"This is your room. Your lucky. You get it all to yourself." Carl than turned and walked out.

I looked at the table on the opposite side of the bunk beds. The room was tiny and there was a curtain for a door. I put my bag down on the table and sat down on the bed. I started thinking of my family and almost started crying but than Carl came in again.

I quickly wiped my eyes and said in my head that crying makes you weak. You're not weak so stop being a cry baby.

"Are you okay Lightning?" Carl asked me. He placed his hand on my shoulder awkwardly. I looked up at him.

"Yeah I'm fine." I replied shaking his hand off of my shoulder.

"Okay, well I want you to meet some of our group." I stood up and followed Carl out of the cell.

"We have a council so you should meet them first. They make all of the group decisions. My dad used to run everything but, stuff happened and he couldn't do it alone so now we have a council of the most trusted people and good friends my dad has. They might ask you a couple questions but I doubt it." Carl continued talking until we came up to a group of people. I only noticed Rick and there was a guy with a sleeveless jacket that had angel wings on the back and messy brown hair with his back to me.

"Ah, perfect timing Carl. Guys this is Lightning. We found her in one of the houses and I asked her the questions. She passed the test." Rick said pointing towards me and Carl. I smiled slightly at them.

That's when he turned around.

"UNCLE DARYL!" I screamed jumping into his arms. He hugged me back tightly and I almost cried but I sucked it in.

"I thought you were dead." My uncle said after putting me down. His hands were now cupped over my face and he was staring into my eyes.

"Oh please. You should know me better than that." I smirked. But it turned into a frown and I looked at him seriously but sadly. "They're dead. Mom and dad are. I don't know where Adam is, or Thunder."

"Awe , Light. I'm so sorry." He looked at me with sad eyes and squeezed my shoulders.

"It's okay. Ain't your fault. Is uncle Merle here to?" I asked feeling hopeful.

"Uh, no. No he's not here." He replied simply. I could see he looked so broken and sad.

"I'm so sorry uncle Daryl." I said hugging him again. Than I looked at everyone else and than at uncle Daryl.

"Oh right! Uh, Lightning that's Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Beth, Carol and I guess you already know Rick." Uncle Daryl pointed everyone out and they all gave me a wave or a small smile or they said "Hello!" I just smiled back politely.

"So how did you survive all this time." Michonne asked me. I looked at her and pulled out my gun pointing it to the ground but also holding it so that everyone saw it.

"Uncle Daryl taught me how to shoot when I was 9." I looked down at the ground remembering the reason why I had to learn to shoot.

"Merle got in fights with bad people and they threatened the family and especially Lightning because she was our only niece and meant a lot to both of us. I had to teach her to shoot just in case." Daryl continued probably sensing that I didn't know if I was aloud to continue. Everyone just stood there shocked.

"Oh and this stuff as well." I took the knife from my boot and the one from my shirt. I took them out of there holsters and showed them the sharp blades.

"There's also another knife in my bag back in my cell." I put two knifes back in there holsters and back in there rightful places.

"Well, we should all go and eat now. I bet you're hungry Lightning. After that long journey." Maggie smiled at me.

"I'm starving. I found food in houses and stuff but I never really ate much. I always tried to save up my food." I replied and as if right on cue my stomach growled.

Everyone chuckled and I just blushed. We all walked outside where there was a little shack with some tables and chairs and dining stuff and that's when I smelt fresh veggies and was that, bacon?

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