Chapter 2

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Lightning's POV

"Who are you?" I looked up at the man who held the gun to my head. He was tall but I reached to about his shoulders. He had a short scruffy beard. I looked behind him and saw the boy with a gun pointed towards me as well.

"Does it matter? Now get your damn gun out of my face before I do something we all will regret later." I spoke with venomous words.

"It does matter and you better watch yourself girl. I'm the one with the gun." The man spoke. His voice was like sand paper rubbing together.

"Well, you're not the only one." I quickly glanced at my gun that was pointed at the boy. I backed away slowly so that he couldn't take it from me or smack it out of my hand.

"Nice play. How about we all put our guns down and have a nice calm talk. We can be civilized about this. No need for anyone to get shot." The man spoke. He had a certain leader vibe to him and I kind of respected that.

"You're the one who pulled the gun first. Plus there's no such thing as being civilized anymore." I spoke back staring at him but I still held my gun to Carl.

"You're right." The man said. He than slowly laid his gun on the ground. He turned around and looked at Carl.

"Carl, put your gun down." He spoke slowly and softly. Carl glanced at me and back at his father. He than slowly laid down his gun. I shoved my gun in the back of my jeans.

"Now, my name is Rick and that's my son Carl." He said pointing at Carl. "Do you have a group?"

"My name is Lightning and no. I've been on my own for, who knows how long. I've seen people but I didn't bother to stay and get to know them so I've been living on my own." I spoke cautiously. I still didn't trust these people. I didn't trust anyone actually.

"Okay. Well, would you like to join our group. We have a camp a little ways back. It's a prison. It's secure and we have food, shelter, running water, electricity, people." Rick asked me.

"Uh...." Running water. Electricity. Sure. "Fine." I replied glancing quickly at Carl who was staring at me. It was kinda creepy.

"Okay but before I bring you back I have to ask you 3 questions." He said. I looked at him and waited for him to continue.

"How many walkers have you killed?" He asked.

"Who knows. I lost track." I replied calmly and plainly.

"How many people have you killed?"

"Four." I replied looking down, my heart started to beat faster.

"Why?" He asked.

"Three were bit. The fourth guy attacked me and tried to kill me or who knows what he would have done." I shuddered remembering what happened that day.

"Well okay. You can come back. But first, what's in the bag?" He asked eyeing my backpack.

"Food, water, a hair brush, ammo for my gun, another gun, and a spoon." I said remembering everything.

"Ok. Do you have any medicine?" Rick asked.

"Pain killers and I think anti-infection stuff. A couple bandages. That's it though." I replied.

"Alright. Well we better go. It'll be dark soon." Rick said turning around. Carl was still staring at me, talk about creepy. Rick put a hand on Carls shoulder and Carl snapped out of his daze and looked at him.

"Let's go Carl." Rick said as I followed Rick while Carl followed behind us. They led me to a black truck.

"Get in." Rick told me. Rick jumped into the drivers side and I got into the back behind Carl who had gotten into the passenger side.

We started to drive away from the house and I suddenly felt tired. Not sleep wise tired but just tired from being alone. It actually felt nice to be around people again.

But how long will it last before they all fall?

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