Chapter 7

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Lightning's POV

Right now I was packing my things to go on the run when Rick came into my 'room'.

"Here. Your gonna need it. I know you have some but I've seen them and they aren't very sharp or clean. This ones new. Hasn't been used yet." Rick said holding out a knife that was inside a case. It had a clip on it so that I could clip it onto my pants.

"Thanks. I appreciate it. Umm. I've been meaning to ask you, do you have running water or electricity cause I've seen the shower and the car battery's everywhere and I was wondering..." I asked. I took the knife out and examined the blade. I put it back in its case and clipped it onto the side of my pants. It was a decent knife and I was happy with it.

"Yeah we do. You can get some shampoo and body wash while on the run if you want. Might want some clean clothes to. But focus mainly on food and meds." Rick was being really helpful and I was so happy they had running water and electricity. Maybe I can charge my iPod that I've held onto for a while.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks Rick. I really appreciate this." I smiled at Rick.

"No problem. Your one of us now." Rick returned my smile and than walked out. I put my gun in the back of my jeans fully loaded and took my big backpack and headed out to meet everyone.

Once I was outside I met up with Maggie, Carl, Daryl and Bob.

"Hey guys! I'm ready to go whenever you guys are ready." I said excitedly.

"Uh, Lightning. I have to talk to you." Maggie said to me.

"Sure." Maggie pulled me to the side and looked at with her hands placed gently on my shoulders.

"Listen, I know this is your first run out with a group and with your injury I want you to stay close to us. Especially me and Daryl. I just don't want you to get hurt." Maggie stared at me with worried and concerned eyes.

"Ok fine. But please try not to worry to much about me ok." I knew there was no use in arguing so I sighed and agreed to stick close.

"Ok good. Let's go." Maggie smiled weakly at me and turned to walk towards the car. "You can ride with me, Carl and Bob. Daryl's going on his motorcycle." Maggie continued talking opening the drivers door of the car.

"Aww. I wanted to ride on a motorcycle." I pouted.

"Well..." Maggie sighed. "If it's ok with Daryl you can ride with him." Maggie looked defeated.

"Oh please uncle Daryl. Pleeeeeeease!" I begged doing my puppy dog face. Keeping my puppy dog face up I already knew I won cause one can resist my puppy dog face. Hehe.

Daryl sighed. "Fine. God that puppy dog face. You just can't say no to it. Hop on." Daryl said. I giggled and jumped onto the back of the motorcycle wrapping my arms around Daryl's waist. "Hold on. I won't go to fast." Uncle Daryl said starting up the bike.

"Oh by all means. Don't hold back because I'm here." I said trying hard to hold back my excitement. Daryl chuckled probably sensing my excitement and started off with the others following us.

After what seemed like forever we finally came to a few houses. Daryl stopped the bike and the others did the same.

"You come with me. Try not to get killed." Daryl smirked and walked up to a house.

It was a cute house. It had the normal black roof. The windows had white shudders on the sides. The whole house was a navy blue colour and the door was white with a dark brown almost black door knob.

Daryl knocked on the window and told me to wait a sec. I noticed the others going into the house on the opposite side of the street from us.

After a while of waiting a walker appeared in the window banging on it trying to get to us.

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