Chapter 14

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Carls POV

After Lightning left the tombs everyone stayed to 'help' the others except me, Daryl and dad. We ran outside and saw Bob closing the gate. We ran down and asked why he was closing the gate.

"Lightning left. She went on her motorcycle. She said it was okay with you Rick." He said looking worried.

"AND YOU JUST LET HER GO?! WITHOUT ANY ACTUAL PROOF?! YOUR SO DEAD IF SHE DOESNT COME BACK!!!" I screamed in his face I than stormed off over towards the horse. Dad told me that Lightning named her blue.

"Carl." I heard my dad walk up behind me. "I'm sure she'll be fine. She's tough and knows to handle herself. She'll come back. She just needs time. You can't just lash out at Bob. It wasn't his fault." Dad tried to comfort me and put his hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off and looked him dead in the eye.


"What if she leaves me forever?" I asked more quietly. I can't lose her. Not today. Not ever.

It took a minute but I was back on my feet. I grabbed my gun and my knife and looked at my dad.

"I'm going after her. Alone." I said and walked towards the gate.

"Your not going out there. Carl it's gonna be dark soon." I ignored my father and kept walking to the gate.

"CARL!" He yelled. His voice stern and serious. He meant business. I turned to him.

"What?!" I snarled.

"Your NOT going after her. Do I make myself clear?" He snarled back.

"You can't stop me." I than turned and continued to the gate. Once I reached it I saw Daryl on his motorcycle.

"Hop on kid." He said. "I'll bring em' both back Rick." He looked at my dad and he nodded. I didn't look at him just got into the motorcycle and let Daryl drive away.

~•~ Time Travel =) ~•~

Lightning's POV.

I've been driving for awhile and it's pretty dark now. I saw lights up ahead. Motorcycle lights. I turned my lights to low beam. I sighed. Uncle Daryl once again coming to save me. Ugh!

I saw another set of headlights... and another... and another.... and another. Oh god... I don't think that's uncle Daryl.

I made a U turn and sped off down the road. I made it back to the town I was before and got Zelda. I ran into a house and locked the doors. All of them. I knew there were no walkers because this is the house where I got the katana and the knife.

I heard motorcycles outside so I ran upstairs with Zelda. I locked Zelda into the bathroom and told her to be quiet. I ran in the boys room and locked the door. I took my gun and pointed it at the door.

I heard the people downstairs. They had kicked the door down. I heard them coming upstairs. I looked for an exit and saw a window. I ran to it and opened it. I heard someone kicking the door so I quickly started climbing. I was almost out of the window when someone grabbed me. I screamed and started kicking my legs.

I saw uncle Daryl and Carl on the road. They looked at me scared and ran towards the house.

"LET GO OF ME YOU ASS HOLE!!!" I screamed but he managed to get me inside the room. I heard gunshots and prayed for the best. The man had the door closed and he was trying to undress me. I tried to scream but he cupped a hand over my mouth and held a knife to my throat. He quickly took off all my clothes and I still heard gunshots. He took his pants off and started having his way. I screamed and cried in pain as he had his way. I heard the gunshots stop and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"RON! Don't come in here. Me and the little slut girl are fine! You can have a turn when I'm done!" He yelled and chuckled loudly. Oh no. Carl and uncle Daryl. New tears fell and I heard the door being kicked.

"HEY! I TOLD YOU YOU COULD HAVE YOUR TURN WHEN IM DONE!" The man yelled. The door was kicked down and there stood Carl and uncle Daryl. They looked unharmed. The man still had his thing in me and I was completely nude. He only had his.... thing sticking out of his pants so he was fully clothed.

"I'll deal with him. You get Lightning." Uncle Daryl told Carl. Carl nodded and uncle Daryl pulled the guy off of me and took his weapons. Carl rushed to me and at first I was scared and backed away.

"Shh... It's okay.... Lightning.... He's not gonna hurt you.... Look at me.... Please.... It's me.... Carl...." I looked at Carl once and than climbed into his lap new tears falling. I cried into Carls chest as I listened to uncle Daryl beat the shit out of that filthy basterd.

~•~ 30 minutes later ~•~

I had stopped crying by now but I was still naked, in Carls lap, and uncle Daryl had taken the guy downstairs and I could hear the guys pain filled screams.

I crawled off of Carls lap and to my clothes. I started dressing and slowly made my way downstairs with Carls help. At first Carl didn't want me to go downstairs but I don't care.

I went down and seen the man covered in his own blood. I had no emotion on my face I just watched as my uncle torchered him. Soon I took my new knife and grabbed my uncles arm. I looked at him and he looked at me. I nodded and he backed away. I looked at the man and he looked terrified. I still had no emotion.

"Karma's a bitch... but so am I." I than staved the man multiple times all up his legs, arms and I cut his face and finally, I stabbed him in the chest exactly 27 times. Still no emotion. He's dead now.

I cleaned my knife than put it in its holster. I walked upstairs and to the bathroom. I looked at Zelda and pet her. I let a small smile creep onto my face.

"Let's go home. For real this time." I put Zelda on her leash and led her to my motorcycle. It was just sunrise so it was perfect. We didn't need to travel in the dark. I saw uncle Daryl go to his motorcycle and Carl came to me.

"Are you sure you can ride? I can do it." Carl said looking at me with sad and guilty eyes.

"You don't even know how to ride plus I'm fine. I don't need your pity okay. Just leave me alone." I said rather harshly. Carl looked hurt and I felt a little guilty but I shook it off and started towards the prison.

~•~ Time Travel to the Prison ~•~

Lightning's POV

We finally made it to the prison and this time Carol was at the gate. She opened it and once I stopped and the gate was closed she ran and hugged me.

"Please don't leave again. You scared the hell out of all of us." Carol whispered into my neck.

"I'm sorry." I replied.

"Who's your new friend?" Carol asked going to Zelda.

"That's Zelda. Don't worry. She's friendly. I found her in a backyard and didn't wanna leave her there." I unhooked the leash and pet Zelda on the head. She licked my hand and stayed glued to my side. I giggled and walked towards the prison with uncle Daryl and Carl trailing behind me.

I got into the prison and was attacked by hugs. Maggie, Glenn, Rick, Sasha, Bob, Tyres, Lizzie, Mika, Hershel, Beth, Michonne, everyone.

I gave Judith a hug and she giggled at me.

"I found a load of stuff. It's on my motorcycle. I'd get it but I'm really.... really...." I heard people scream my name but i was consumed with darkness but before I went to sleep I felt a pain on my right side. I had fallen to the ground.

Than... the darkness consumed me....

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