Chapter 5

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Lightning's POV

I finally found Maggie standing with Glenn in a guard tower. I yelled to Maggie and she told me to come up. As I was walking up the stairs I tripped and I fell flat on my face.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I cursed as I hit my head. A sharp pain shot through me. I felt hands on my shoulders.

"Oh my god. Lightning are you ok?" I looked up to see Maggie staring down at me with worried eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said slowly trying to stand up. I touched my head where I hit it and looked at my hand. I saw blood on the tip of my fingers.

"Great." I sighed sarcastically.

"Lightning you need to go to the infirmary. Come on, I'll show you the way." Maggie said guiding me down the stairs.

As we got outside I shielded my eyes from the bright light.

"LIGHTNING!" I heard someone yell my name and I heard footsteps against the tiny rocks on the ground.

"What the hell happened?" I felt hands on my forehead and I looked up to see Carl. He was looking at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes. They were filled with worry.

"I tripped on the stairs and hit my head. But I'm fine. Really." I said stepping away from everyone. I stopped walking when I reached the grass.

"Are you sure your ok?" Glenn asked me. "You should go get Hershel to check that."

"No. I'm fine really. No need to worry. I've been through worse." I forced a smile onto my face.

"Lightning!" I looked over towards the prison and saw my uncle running towards me.

"What the hell happened? Who did this to you? I'll kick there ass!" Uncle Daryl said putting his hands on my cheeks and examining my bleeding head. I pushed him aside and looked at him.

"People I'm fine really. It's just a little cut." I didn't believe my own words though. Soon I felt dizzy and felt like I was swaying. I felt tired all of a sudden and my eyelids started to feel heavy. I felt myself fall backwards.

"LIGHTNING!" I fell to the ground and was consumed by darkness.

Carls POV

"LIGHTNING!" I screamed as I watched Lightning fall to the ground. I ran to her and so did Daryl, Maggie and Glenn.

"SOMEONE GET HERSHEL!" Daryl screamed.

I saw Glenn run towards the prison out of the corner of my eye. I stared at Lightning's beautiful face. What? No! I can't be falling for her. She's annoying and rude. Plus she only just got here. I don't even know her.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Daryl speak.

"We need to get her inside, NOW!" He lifted her up and I stood up and we all ran to the prison.

Once we were in we were greeted by Hershel.

"Lay her down on her bed. What happen?" Hershel said.

"She was coming to see me at the guard tower and since it's so dark on the stairs I guess she tripped and hit her head." Maggie said. She looked like she was ready to cry.

"Ok. I'm gonna need a clean cloth, some cold water, thread, a needle, and a bandage." Hershel said. I saw Maggie run off and get a few of the other woman to help.

"Is she going to be ok?" I asked looking at Hershel.

"Yes but you need to stay out here. I need some space to work. She'll be fine." Hershel said and he disappeared with Daryl and Lightning behind the curtain.

"Carl!" I looked to my left to see my dad walking over to me. "What happen? I heard Lightning got hurt."

"She hit her head on the stairs in the guard tower. She was going to see Maggie when she tripped. Hershel is in working on her now."

As soon as I was done talking Maggie and Carol came with the stuff that Hershel asked for they went behind the curtain and than they came out looking rather upset and scared.

"Son, go get some rest. She'll be fine." My dad put a hand on my shoulder and I looked at him.

"Yeah. Your right." With that I walked off to my room.

"I've been waiting for you to come in here." I heard a desperate and annoying voice speak as I pulled my curtain back.

"What the hell are you doing here Shelby?" I said extremely annoyed.

"Oh please. Don't pretend you aren't glad to see me." She stood from my bed wearing a pair of really, really skinny jeans that made her butt look like it was gonna explode or something and a belly shirt. God, she was such a slut.

"I'm not pretending. Get the hell out." I said backing away from her.

"I love it when you play hard to get." And with that she pounced on me kissing my neck. I pushed her off and wiped off my neck.

"Fine! Your loss anyway. I don't want you! I don't need you!" Shelby screeched and than she ran out of my room.

With that thing gone I lid down on my bed and fell asleep.

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