Chapter 10

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Carls POV

I watched as Lightning rode in front of our car. Her gorgeous long hair was blowing back in the wind. She was so beautiful. I couldn't have her though. She hates me. Plus I'm with Claire. Sure Claire was annoying and way to clingy but she had a hot body. I couldn't help but drool over her body.

'Lightning has a better body!' I thought to myself. 'We could have her body if you weren't so damn stupid and punched her!' I yelled. It was like there was another person inside my head telling me these things.

I watched as Lightning tried to stand up while on the motorcycle. Suddenly I got nervous as she wobbled but successfully stood up. She turned around for a quick second to face us and the smile on her face was the biggest smile I've seen on anyone's face ever since the world went to hell.

Than, that moment changed and I screamed. She lost control and skidded off the rode. I watched as she went flying and landed on the ground. The bike looked fine. Only a few scratches but I watched as Lightning lay on the ground motionless.

Glenn had stopped the car and everyone was getting out Daryl already dropping to his knees by her side. I sat there unable to move. I watched as Daryl pick her up and she had blood on her forehead. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving. It didn't even look like she was breathing.

I snapped out of my shocked trance as Daryl put Lightning in the back of the car with Maggie and me. Maggie put her legs/feet on me and I gently laid my hand on her knee.

"I'm so sorry." I whispered so that Maggie or anyone couldn't hear me.

Glenn sped off towards the prison while Daryl was already a good distance away.

I just sat there staring at her beautiful face that had blood on it. The red substance didn't deserve to be on her gorgeous face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a rag. I gently reached my hand over and wiped the blood away. Maggie watched me do so and I felt a wet liquid on my cheek. A tear. I quickly wiped it away and continued to wipe away the blood.

Once at the prison Hershel took Lightning and brought her into her cell. I felt a hand on my shoulder and than I saw a white curtain that had light blue dots cover my vision. I looked up to see my father holding my shoulder. He looked so close to tears.

"We need to let Hershel work. I know your worried but you have to be patient." My father told me.

"Patient? SHE MIGHT HAVE DIED AND YOUR TELLING ME TO BE PATIENT?!" I yelled at my father. I couldn't live with myself if she got killed. By a walker or a motorcycle accident. I wouldn't live with myself knowing the last time I had contact where our skin touched was when I punched her. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing she died hating me.

"Son please. This is hard on all of us. She's one of our own. She's family. Carl, you need to know that she will be okay. Yeah she might have died but she didn't. She's tough. She'll survive." My father said trying to calm me down. I really wasn't in the mood. I walked away from my father and went to my cell.

"Hey stranger. I was waiting for you." A high pitched voice spoke from my bottom bed.

"Get the fuck out Claire. I don't wanna see your face in here again." I snapped at Claire. I'm sick of her. Ugh!

"What? Baby... Please don't do this. I love you." Claire cried walking over to me trying to put her hands on my face but I slapped them away.

"Don't touch me! Just get out!" I yelled. Claire ran out crying. I didn't care though. I just lid down on my bed and fell asleep thinking about Lightning.


I woke up to my father shaking me.

"What?" I asked lazily.

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