Chapter 17

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Lightning's POV

"Lightning! Wake up!" I groaned and smacked the hands that were shaking me away.

"You need to wake up! Mom is gonna get mad! We are going to be late for school!"

"Adam go away. I'm sleeping." I said and turned around on my side.

I heard him leave and I finally relaxed and was almost asleep when a wet and freezing cold liquid was poured over me. I screeched and sat up glaring at Adam who was holding the cup and Adam and my sister laughed. I glared and got out of bed walking to the bathroom.

I did my business and went back to my room. Adam and sis were no longer there and I looked at my bed was had dark spots from the water. I sighed and went to my closet.

I picked out a plain place short sleeve bench shirt and some skinny jeans. I wasn't very skinny so I struggled a tiny but to get my jeans on. I looked at my self in the mirror as I brushed my hair. I sighed and looked at the time.


The bus comes at 8:15.

"Why must you be so ugly?" I asked myself as I looked in the mirror. I sighed and went downstairs.

"Hi mom!" I said as I kissed my mothers cheek.

"Good morning sweetie!" She said and she flipped a grilled cheese over on the frying pan.

"They splashed me with water again." I pouted and my mom chuckled.

"Maybe if you got up in the morning they would do that to you." Mom said as she placed my grilled cheese on a plate and laid it in my spot at the table.

I poured myself a glass of water and sat down. Adam and sis came bouncing down the stairs smirks on both their faces. I glared and they stuck out theirs tongues. I smiled a little and started to eat my grilled cheese.

"Guys hurry. 5 minutes." My mother said hurrying us along.

"Shoot!" I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth grabbing my backpack and running back downstairs.

"Bye mom!" I yelled.

"Have a good day!" My mother called as I dragged Adam and sis out to the bus stop.

"I hate school!" I pouted.

"We know!" My brother and sister said in unison. I giggled and waited for the bus.

"Just remember to stay up front and you'll be fine." Adam said. I nodded and my face fell.

"I just don't know why you get bullied. Your beautiful and amazing." Sis said.

"I don't know either sis. People are mean." I sighed.

"Yup." Adam said.

By than the bus pulled up and we hopped on. I sat in the very front seat with Adam a in the third last and sis in the middle where the escape window is.

Adam is in sixth grade and sis is in forth. I'm in third but I get bullied and they said if I don't sit in the front seat than they'll beat me up. Their a bunch if forth and fifth graders. Girls and boys.

I looked out the window and waited for the bus to arrive at school. The bus stopped and someone stepped on. I didn't look to see who until I felt them sit next to me. I looked over only to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich smashed into my face. I heard laughter as I wiped the sticky stuff off my face.

"You tell and I will beat you." Jeremy snarled into my ear.

Jeremy Peters. The guy who has bullied me for the past 2 years. He's really mean and usually spills his lunches on me and gets other people do it too. Calls me names and threatens to beat me up if I tell anyone. No one knew except the kids in school including my siblings. They tried to stand up for me a few times but sis would get picked on and Adam wouldn't since he's older.

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