Chapter 20 (Extra Long)

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Lightnings POV

I arrived at the town that I wanted to go to and hopped off my motorcycle after killing the engine.

I held my gun tightly in my hand. I walked to the nearest building. A hotel. No way I'm going in there. I would have to bring more people because I'm 100% positive there's over at least three dozen walkers in there and a shit ton of good stuff.

I went to the next building. A bar. I peaked inside and didn't see any walkers so I quietly went inside and went behind the counter. There was one walker on the floor and he started to get up and make noise but I quickly stabbed his head with my knife not wanting him to attract any unwanted attention.

I grabbed the rifle from under the counter and the two bullet boxes that went with it.

I checked the rest of the place and it was all okay. The kitchen had some food. Cereal, canned stuff and water bottles. I shoved it all in a duffel bag I found and left. I marked an X on the dirty window and put a sign saying 'Already Looted Sorry'

I went to the next building and it was a pharmacy. Jackpot!

I looked inside and saw 2 walkers dressed in torn and bloody Lang coats that use to be white.

I opened the door quietly and snuck in. Thankfully the door didn't have a bell like the bar did.

I went behind and shelf and smiled at all of the meds I found. Ignoring them for the moment I snuck up behind a walker and silently stabbed it. Dragging it behind the shelf I took its coat off and put it on.

I walked slowly over to the next walker and he sniffed trying to see if I was dead or alive. The coat wasn't going to last so I stabbed the walker and watched it fall to the ground. I looked behind the counter and at all the other shelves behind it making sure I didn't miss one.

There was one hiding and I killed it with ease.

I stuffed my big ass duffel bag with almost half of the meds that were in the store. After it was full I looked for another duffel bag and I found one a little smaller than the one I had but oh well.

I stuffed more meds in it along with pads, tampons, pregnancy tests, condoms, baby wipes, and a few other things.

Once the two bags were full I walked outside. I knew I wasn't going to carry these huge bags on my motorcycle so I had to leave it and find a car.

I carried the bags to the next building which was a pharmacy store.

I walked inside and found 4 walkers. I killed them all almost being bit in the process. I made sure that bitch got an extra stab.

I found a small backpack and walked around the store putting some chap stick, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby stuff, I found some water, jewelry, candy bars and chips. I made sure to take all of that shit. I'm surprised this town hadn't been raided yet. There were at least 50 chocolate bars and a couple dozen of chip bags.

I got a separate bag for myself and stuffed it with Hershey cookies and cream bars, Hershey almond bars, Doritos and some bottles of water. I also put in a cherry lip balm, some vanilla shampoo, conditioner and body wash, I found the cutest t-shirt. It was black with a light blue monster on it.

I put some baby clothes in the original bag and decided that was enough. I walked out and tried to find a car.

After checking five cars the sixth one started and the tank was full.

"Today is definitely my lucky day." I muttered to myself.

I laid the bags in the car and went to the last building which was a clothing store. I walked in and killed 6 walkers. It was tuff but I did it.

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