Chapter 21 (Final Chapter)

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Lightnings POV

Gone.... It's all gone.... The prison.... The supplies.... The people.....

I walked through the trees stumbling a few times because of my leg. The shot wound was still bleeding.

I could see walkers up ahead and I got my gun ready. There were only five or six of them.

I watched as they looked at me and growled. They smelled my blood.

I shot them all and continued walking through the forest.

Once I was far enough from what was left of the prison I sat down next to a tree. I took off my sweater and ripped off the sleeves. I tied the sleeves together and tied the long piece of cloth over my gun shot. I slipped on my sweater and than my jacket.

I slowly lifted myself up mainly because I heard rustling from the bushes.

I made sure my gun was ready and put it in front of me. More rustles came and soon enough a figure appeared. I was about to shoot but I saw it wasn't a walker. It was Maggie.

"Maggie!" I said as I ran over to her and hugged her.

When we stopped hugging we started walking towards the road. Maggie knew the way.

"Did you see uncle Daryl? Or Carl? Or anyone?" I asked.

"No..." Maggie said safely. "Glenn? Beth?"

"No..." I said looking at my feet.

"We have to go. Look for them somehow." Maggie said placing her hand on my shoulder and we started walking.

We walked

And walked

And walked

And walked

And walked

And walked

We walked for hours...

"There!" Maggie said pointing her finger at a small house that was set up. We ran for the little house that we would take shelter in for the night.

Getting my gun ready, Maggie slowly opened the front door getting her own gun ready.

"Ammo?" Maggie whispered.

"7. You?" I replied searching the house.

"9. Stay close. Eyes open."

Maggie said turning left into what I think was a living room.

I turned to my right and into the kitchen.

No walkers so I decided to look for food.

I opened cupboards and found two cans of dog food, a single water bottle and a bag of Doritos. Score on the Doritos! It was a family size bag too. Not even open. Who would leave these behind.

I left the little supplies I found on the counter and searched the rest of the house making my way downstairs with a flashlight I had found on a little shelf next to the stairs.

Cautiously I walked down the steps with my gun in front of me.
I sighed as I found nothing.

Before I could look around I heard a gunshot from upstairs. I quickly ran up the steps and through the kitchen up another set of stairs. I bumped into Maggie as she was coming out of a room holding a dead owl.

"Maggie! You scared the shit out of me with that gunshot!" I hissed. Maggie just smiled sheepishly while taking the feathers off the owl.

"Sorry. Come on. This place is clear. Let's get it boarded up and get a fire going. There's a fire place in the living room with fire wood and I have a couple matches left." Maggie said making her way downstairs while I followed behind.

I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed the water bottle and the Doritos bringing them to the living room.

I placed them in front of Maggie and gave her a look telling her not to eat my Doritos.

I walked to the kitchen and got two cups. I cleaned them with a dishrag and wakes back to the living room with the cups in hand.
I sat on the floor placing the cups down and trying to pour a equal amount of water in the cups. I handed a cup to Maggie and I opened the bag of Doritos while she got the fire started.

Munching on some Doritos I sighed and got up. I walked to the front door and made sure it was closed and locked.

"Think we should put the couch against it?" I asked Maggie curiously.

"Yeah. Just to be on the safe side." Maggie said. I walked back to the living room and the two of us pushed the couch to the front door.

"You can have the couch. I'll take the floor." I said putting cushions and pillows on the floor. I got a thick blanket and set it on top and sat down.

"You sure?" Maggie asked still standing. I just nodded my head and are my Doritos.


It's been a few hours since me and Maggie were in the house. Maggie and me had eaten half the bag of Doritos and the entire owl.

"We should get some rest. Turn the lights out. Don't wanna draw attention to ourselves." Maggie said yawning and lying on the couch with a huge blanket.

I lid down on my cushions and pulled the blanket over me. I felt myself drift off and slowly being swallowed by the darkness.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of a light knock on the front door.





Maggie was awake and we got our guns ready. Maggie peered through the little eye hole on the door and sat back laughing. Than she looked at me.

"It's for you."


HEY GUYS! I'm finally done this book! Let me know if you guys want me to make a sequel or not! Also, I know the paragraphs aren't spaced out but it's something to do with Wattpad and I know it sucks but there's nothing I can do about it :( . I love you all and I hope you all enjoyed the book!!!! <3

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