Chapter 1

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Lightnings POV

I stopped at another house. I sighed and readjusted my bag so that it wasn't making my shoulder numb. I took my gun out of the back of my jeans and checked to see how many bullets I had left. Five bullets.

I sighed and walked up to the front door. I banged on the door loudly and waited for a sound. Anything.

I waited a few moments and heard nothing. I kicked open the door and walked inside.

The house was huge and was untouched. I closed the front door just to be safe. I walked around all of the rooms with my gun in front of me. After making sure downstairs was clear, I raided the cupboards. I had hit the jackpot.

I found a can of peaches, a jar of pickles, water bottles, a full jar of Nutella which I couldn't wait to eat, some jello, and finally some dry fruit loop cereal.

I stuffed everything into my huge bag and cautiously made my way upstairs. I had a knife in my boot, a knife in my jacket pocket, a knife in my bra and a gun with 5 bullets. I was doing pretty okay with weapons. The only thing I needed was more ammo.

I quietly opened the first door to my left only to have a dead person fall on me. Thankfully it wasn't a walker. I pushed the dead guy off of me and got up wiping off the dust, dirt and blood from my clothes.

I took a deep breath opening the next door standing out of the way this time. Nothing. I decided to look in and it was the master bedroom. I searched everything. Under the bed, the night stands but than I came to the dresser. I opened the top drawer and took out all of the clothes. Nothing. I opened the second one and nothing. I opened the third one and sighed in relief. There was a hand gun and a box of ammo.

I took out the gun and examined it. It was a regular hand gun but it was better than my gun. I put my gun and the ammo I had found in my bag and took my new gun which had about 20 bullets in it and walked to the next room.

I opened the door and stepped away again. Nothing. It was a little girls room though. The walls were bright pink with blue, purple and yellow flowers everywhere. There were doll houses and a single bed with a pink curtain around it. There was a pink dresser and a huge mirror. I sighed and moved to the next room.

This door was wide open. I looked inside and knew it was a teenage girls room. The walls were light green with black stickers of designs in some spots. There was a single bed with a black comforter and a wooden dresser. There was a tall bookshelf with books and some dolls that looked really old. Her closet was pretty big and I looked down at my dirty clothes. The girl was probably 13 like me and she was probably my size.

I picked out some new underwear and a bra, a grey shirt and it was a little short with long sleeves. I put on a pair of blue jeans and a brown belt to go with them. I picked out a plain black sweater that I tied around my waist, I slipped on my black leather jacket over it. I put on a black pair of ankle socks that were in a drawer. I found a pair of purple and blue DC shoes and slipped them on. I looked in the mirror and I had to admit I looked good. My light brown, waist long hair was down and it was messy.

I found a pink hair brush in a drawer and combed my messy hair. I looked around and found a black hair buckle. I put my hair into a high ponytail. I grabbed my bag and my gun and started for the front door.

I was about to open the front door when I heard a guys voice.

"DAD! I'm going to check this house." He sounded around my age and his voice was a little scratchy.

"Alright! But be careful." I guess it was his dad. I cursed in my head and ran to the window. I looked out to see a rather cute boy walking to the door. But what I noticed first was his gun. I ran upstairs trying to keep the stuff in my bag from making noise.

I ran into the teenage girls room and shut the door. I looked at the window and ran to it. I heard someone coming upstairs than and I quickly jumped out onto the roof. I looked for a way down but there wasn't one. I had to check the front of the house.

What if that boy is still out there? Or his dad is there? What am I going to do?

I sighed and started to crawl along the roof. Sure enough there was a way down. There was a ladder on the front of the house. I looked around seeing no one. I heard something fall inside the house. It was pretty loud too.

"CARL!" I heard a faint scream. I looked down the street to see a man running towards the house. He was probably the dad. I quickly backed away so he wouldn't see me.

I heard the door bust open and heavy footsteps. Than I heard talking.

"Carl! Are you okay? What happen?"

"I'm fine, dad. The table fell over." Carl sighed in annoyance.

"Okay. Did you find anything?"

"No. But I think I heard someone or something on the roof, I'm not sure though. I think we should check it out."

"Alright. I saw a ladder out front. We can use that."

"Fuck!" I cursed to myself. I looked around and decided the only way out of this was to go back in the house.

I heard and saw the latter moving so I quickly jumped through the window and made my way to the now open door.

I silently walked down the stairs but cursed in my head when the floor creaked. I waited a moment and when no noise came I headed for the front door. I opened to the door to have a gun pointed at my head.

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