Chapter 8

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Lightning's POV

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulders. When I opened my eyes I saw Rick standing beside my bed.

"I need you to help me with something." He said in his normal rough voice. In a way it was comforting.

All I did was nod and with that Rick left my cell. I got up and I changed into my clothes. I brushed my hair and walked outside to find Rick down by the garden.

On my way down I got a few "Good mornings!" and a few "Hellos!".

"What do ya need Rick?" I asked curiously.

"I need you to help me with these plants. I gotta pick up some stuff that we can use to feed the piglets."

"What happen to Carl?"

"He's off with Claire somewhere. I'm not sure." Claire was this really pretty girl. She's kind of annoying. She's mine and Carls age and she never shuts up.

"Oh.... Ok." I replied and than went to help Rick.

~~~~~20 Minutes Later~~~~~

"Done." Rick said. He walked over to the pig pen and dumped the food into the thing they had.

All of a sudden we heard Maggie yelling out to me, uncle Daryl and Rick. We all looked over and the walkers were pushing the fence down. I ran over with uncle Daryl and Rick hot on my heels.

I grabbed the cane and pointed the sharp end towards the fence. I started stabbing the walkers with Maggie, Rick, and uncle Daryl helping me.

Everyone backed away as soon as the fence came closer to us. They tried to push it back up while I continued killing walkers.

Suddenly I dropped the cane and ran towards the gate. I opened it and ran out.

"HEY! OVER HERE! COME ON! FRESH MEAT RIGHT HERE! COME AND GET IT YOU ASS HOLES!" I yelled getting the walkers attention. I heard the group yelling at me to come back but I started running the opposite way of the prison after having over 75% of the walkers chasing after me. I kept running until I reached a car. I looked behind me and saw that the walkers were a little far behind.

I popped the trunk of the car and hopped in. The trunk was busted so it wouldn't close but I tied it shut with a long cloth I found inside. I heard the walkers walking by. A few hit the car but none of them realized where I was.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep. I tried to stay awake but soon the darkness consumed me.


I woke up and heard nothing. Just silence. I realized I was still in the trunk and I didn't hear any walkers.

I took the knife that Rick gave me and untied the trunk. I slowly opened it and stood up still in the trunk. I saw nothing. Just trees, grass, the road, and a few scattered cars. I hopped out of the trunk and started walking towards the prison while I rubbed my soar neck. Sleeping in the trunk of a car is very uncomfortable.

I didn't realize how far I had gone until it started getting dark. I started running towards the prison now.

After a few minutes it finally came into view. I held my knife tighter and saw a few people outside.

"HEY!" I yelled. I saw Carl with Claire. Carl started running to open the gate. He wasn't far away. I killed 3 walkers on the way in. I noticed there was only about 10-20 walkers left from before.

As soon as the gates were closed a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. I yelped in surprise and looked at Carl.

After hesitating I hugged him back.

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