Chapter 9

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Lightning's POV

I woke up to the sun on my face. I groaned and shielded my eyes. It's been a week since I lured the walkers away. A week since Carl punched me. A week since I went looking for uncle Daryl. A week since I've been plotting my revenge.

Remembering I sleep with only a shirt and underwear I made sure my legs and upper torso was covered.

"Wanna go on a run?" My uncle asked me.

"Hell yeah I do! Just give me a minute." I said. My eyes finally adjusted to the light. Uncle Daryl left and I put some clothes on.

I still haven't looked at Carl. I haven't spoke to him. Haven't even pretended he was there. He's glanced at me a few times but hasn't said anything. Him and Claire are together now. But I don't care. I hate Carl. I've been working on my revenge plan. Uncle Daryl offered to help me but this was something I had to do on my own.

After getting dressed, brushing my hair and putting a little mascara on I walked out to see Carl and Claire kissing in front of my cell. I quickly looked away and rolled my eyes. I walked outside and grabbed myself a can of pineapple.

I took my knife out and opened the can. I stabbed a piece of the tiny pineapple and ate it.

After finishing my pineapple I went to talk to Rick, Maggie, Uncle Daryl and... Oh god.... and Carl.

"Hey! We headin' out now?" I asked. I ignored Carl once again. I saw the angry look uncle Daryl gave Carl.

I felt kinda bad because it's my fault that uncle Daryl is mad at Carl. But Carl shouldn't have punched me. Oh well, I hate him and he hates me so I don't care.

"Yeah. Glenn, Maggie and Carl you all come with me. Daryl and Lightning you two go on Daryl's motorcycle." Rick said. "There's a neighbourhood about 7 miles south. We should be able to get there and just grab stuff and go." Rick gave us our jobs. I nodded and went to uncle Daryl's motorcycle to wait for him.

I looked over and Rick was talking to my uncle. All of a sudden they looked at Carl.

'I wonder what their talking about?' I thought to myself.

Uncle Daryl came over and smiled at me. I smiled back and got on the bike. Uncle Daryl got on in front of me and I wrapped my arms around his waist. I squeezed him once to let him know I was ready and with that we sped off with me and my uncle leading the way.


Carls POV (Back at the prison when they were getting ready to leave)

God, she's so beautiful. Just standing there. The wind blowing her hair perfectly behind her. She hasn't spoken to me, looked at me or even pretended I existed ever since I punched her.

I'm so damn stupid. Why would I punch her? I dont know why I did it. She could have gotten killed and she was making jokes about it. I thought I lost her. Daryl's been giving me nasty looks ever since him and Lightning got back. I still think it was stupid that she went looking for him.

I must have spaced out because everyone was walking to the vehicles. I walked to the car but didn't get in just yet. I looked at my dad and he was talking to Daryl. All of a sudden they looked at me. I looked away and got into the car.

After that we drove off. I hope me and Lightning get partnered up. I need to apologize I just don't know how.


Lightning's POV

After what felt like forever we finally arrived to the neighbourhood. I saw a cute blue house that looked like my old one and I pointed to it. Daryl drove in front of it and turned off his bike. I got off and ran to the house.

"LIGHTNING WAIT!" I heard Daryl whisper yell behind me but I ignored him. I swear this is my old house.

I walked up to the front door and looked at the mat. I almost started crying. The mat that my mom had bought was there siting in the concrete. It was faded but you could still se the colourful lettering that said 'Wipe your paws!' My mom loved this mat.

I put my hand on the door knob and opened it. I knew there was nothing in here but it was worth looking in. I didn't take my knife or my gun out. I just walked in.

I walked around the house with uncle Daryl behind me. He knew this house.

"There's nothing in the other houses. I already cleared them when I was out on my own." I said not looking at uncle Daryl.

"Come on let's go. We can't stay here." He said. I didn't reply but I just walked out the back door. I looked at the crosses in the backyard.

I sighed and planted a kiss on the two crosses. My parents were barred here.

I walked around the house and saw the group leaning on the car.

"All the other houses are empty so don't bother checking them. I cleared them out before." I said. "We should look for a different place to look." I didn't look at anyone but just went to the motorcycle and waited for my uncle.

I took a deep breath and tried to fight back the tears.

"Uh... Are you okay?" I heard a very familiar voice behind me. I looked behind me and glared at Carl. I turned back around and faced away from him.

"UNCLE DARYL! HURRY YOUR ASS UP! I WANNA LEAVE ALREADY!" I yelled. My uncle still in the backyard of my house.

"Lightning be quiet. Your gonna draw walkers." Rick whisper yelled at me.

"OH REALLY! YAH MEAN DONT YELL LIKE I AM NOW? WELL HOW ABOUT ALL THE WALKERS AROUND HERE COME FEED OFF OF ME! FRESH MEAT RIGHT HERE! COME AND GET IT WHILE ITS STILL FRESH!" I yelled even louder. I was pissed. At Carl, at being in my old neighbourhood, at failing to keep my family safe, at myself for being so stupid.

"Lightning shut up!" Carl whispered yelled at me.

"Oh go to hell Carl. Go back to sucking the face off of your damn girlfriend." I said lowering my voice a little.

"What the hells' goin' on out ere'?" My uncle came out from behind the house.

"Come on. Let's go." I said. I glared at Carl and adjusted myself on the motorcycle so that I was more comfortable.

"Hang on. Lightning, I got something for yah. Come ere'". Uncle Daryl said. I followed him around the house and into the shed.

He opened the garage door and I gasped. A HARLEY MOTORCYCLE! No freakin way. It was so shiny. It was in great shape.

"Is' yours if yah wan' it." Uncle Daryl said.

"Hell yeah I wan' it. God, she's beautiful." I said the last sentence in a whisper. I saw the keys there and I started up the gorgeous motorcycle. I smiled even bigger than I was when the bike roared to life.

"LIGHTNING! DARYL! COME ON! WE GOTTA GO!" We heard Rick yell. I ride my bike out to the front while Daryl ran behind me. I never knew my mom or dad had a motorcycle. They never told me and I never came out to the shed.

When I got onto the street I saw the problem. Walkers were coming this way. There was about 10-15 of them. Their weren't many on the road but we let Rick and the others go first.

They drove over 4-5 walkers and me and uncle Daryl trailed behind. After getting out uncle Daryl passed me and the others. Than I passed Rick and the others but let Daryl lead.

After getting out of that mess we headed back to the prison considering it was starting to get late. I looked at uncle Daryl and saw he had gas cans on the back of his bike. That wasn't there before. He must have gotten them from the shed.

It felt great to have my long hair blowing in the wind. I couldn't help but smile at how good it felt. I couldn't wait to get back to the prison and show off my new ride.

I know I'm only 13 but uncle Daryl showed me how to use a motorcycle when I was 11. Uncle Merle even let me use his once. He had to be on the back of course but it was still fun. Plus it's not like I'm gonna get arrested. Those rules don't apply anymore.

I really need a nap right now. I can't wait to go to the prison and sleep. I'm hungry too. I haven't eaten since this morning. Ugh!

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