Mother in Law and Superwoman

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"why did you send me a the emergency code?" He hushed at her as she opened their house's door for him. She sent him a message reading "911" thirty minutes ago and he had to leave his date behind and just come running to her. They made a deal days ago to message each other that code only in emergency cases and he feared that she was hurt or something. He just apologized to Vera and ran home to make sure that his unwanted wife is safe. Funnily, he started to see a friend in Alexa, the girl that tied him down even though he would never spare her a second look like ever.

"My mother is here." Alexa mumbled back at him and saw his blue eyes nearly pop in surprise. Why would her mother be here ? Is she checking on them or just trying to test their waters? How is he supposed to act around her, is he supposed to play the role of a man in love or just a cool husband? Alexa never talked about her family, not even her mother. All he knew is that her family is too attached and too dramatic. They drove her insane and that's why she left her home and searched for independence with a strange man.

 "Dear" they heard the old woman calling as she came their way and reacted differently to her voice and presence ; Alexa smiled big and wanted to reach for her mother but Blaze froze and without thinking drew Alexa to his embrace and his lips fell on hers. He wanted to show his mother in law that they are okay, that they are happily married...He felt Alexa stiffen and mumble something at him but her lips felt too smooth and the strawberry gloss tasted sweet...He was just lost...

"Why would you do that?" Alexa finally broke free from his demanding lips and yelled at him with clear anger

" Didn't you say it was all just play?" her mother's surprised tone cut the thickening silence between them and Blaze was shocked at her words. So her mother knew and he didn't have to kiss Alexa or prove anything

" You know?" Blaze asked as he stepped away from the fuming Alexa who wiped her lips after their kiss...It was not bad , not at all, so why would she Blaze thought

"Of course I know Alexa invited me to inform me of the whole plan. I am surprised that she kept it to herself till now. I knew something was off about your relationship even though her aunts were on cloud nine since the day they met you, I couldn't but sense that something was off. The wedding happened too fast. Alexa never mentioned you before but she is suddenly engaged to a mystery man who looks and acts like he owns the world. The Alexa that I raised would have told me all details about the man she loves. I didn't see any sparks between you two, no matter how you acted." Claire , Alexa's mother, informed confidently as the Alexa nodded 

"I just wanted a way out. The stress and exhaustion were killing me. Mum , you know that I love you all but I needed to take a breath away. If I traveled for a month or two I would just end up back on the same street in the same house surrounded by the same people and drama. I know for sure that they love me but still they are possessive, dramatic and nosy...I guess that I finally had enough of them." Alexa mumbled at her mother apologetically 

"You had your share of us. Life always moves on and you want change. Just keep in mind that we always love and will always do." Claire informed and Alexa ran to her mother's warm embrace "You will always be my baby and no matter how old you are I am always here by your side ready to listen to you and help you." the older woman continued 

"Thank you mum." Alexa said smiling brightly at her mother 

"You are most welcome." Claire responded then her eyes fell on her supposedly son in law " Blaze, you might be a fake husband to her but I must warn you hurt her and I will huant you down. She is your responsibility since you accepted this silly game of hers. I accept her to be back in one piece when you are divorced and free.  I know that she is responsible , independent and strong but at times she can be a handful so keep an eye on her." Claire ordered and Blaze nodded rapidly like a kid 

"Mother , I am the more responsible one in this duo. He is like a horny teenager just looking for his next fling. His head is either planing a date, a fling or a business deal. I am supposed to keep an eye on him. At least , I am cooking to keep him alive." Alexa mocked as she guided them both to their living room. Her lips were still tingly from the kiss. She didn't know why Blaze kissed her all of a sudden, why he acted so nervous around her mother at least the woman was not half scary as his mother...

"Thank you superwoman." Blaze mocked right back sticking his tongue out at her

"See" was all the Alexa said 

"You are twenty seven while you are twenty five but both of you sound like whinny teens. I wish I could call a babysitter for you. That way I will be more at ease with this plan." Claire tiredly said as both Alexa and Blaze felt ashamed 

"Don't worry Ma'am. I consider Alexa a dear friend of mine we might argue and sound childish but we are a good team. Truly , you brought up a strong woman. She never asked for my help or money but make sure that I am ready by her side at anytime. She saved me from the claws of my own mother and I will be grateful for her forever." Blaze promised and for the very first time Alexa genuinely smiled at him 

"thank you" both mother and daughter echoed at the same time

"Who wants coffee?" Alexa asked wanting to run away to the kitchen even for a second to hide from Blaze's gaze and to hide her now reddening cheeks. She hated how easily he can make her blush and how his kisses felt so wrong yet so right at the same time...

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