Superman and Cars

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Blaze's Pov:

I came back home exhausted from my three days adventure with Vera. I finally got to spend not just a night but two with her. I have paid a lot of attention to her. I took her on dates and bought her gifts. I treated her like a gentleman and she treated me well, very well in bed...She is a hot girl and made most of my fantasies real,lived and touchable experiences. I sighed remembering how good she was, how experienced and talented...Saying goodbye to her in the airport led to another hot make out session too. All women should be just as hot.

As the door swung open, Loud laughs followed and echoed. One laugh I knew well by now. It sounds familiar because it replayed and ringed in my ears whenever Alexa re-watched the series "Friends".The other , though, was manly and deep. Alexa has a guest over. Forgetting all about my exhaustion, I felt kind of surprised. It never occurred to me that my introverted wife can bring friends over let alone a man. My feet moved on their own. Instead of ignoring them, I walked right to them invading what looked like a comfortable cozy discussion.

Alexa dressed in her pajamas had her feet up in the lap of that strange man. Her head was thrown back words as she laughed with him. The man looked as comfortable as her. He was dressed in a white button up and dark jeans while his leather jacket was thrown on the coffee table , in front of him. That man did not mind the proximity between him and Alex. He looked relaxed next to her. He looked comfortable. Both of them looked comfy like they belonged to each other.

"Alexa" I said clearing my throat to get her attention. I felt like I was invading the couple's moment and hated that so I made my presence clear. Their eyes shot my way and I felt bad about breaking their perfect moment.

"Blaze, finally you are home. Did you score?" She welcomed me and wiped the few happy tears that gathered in her eyes. I have never seen her this happy. She looks so alive when this strange man is around it might be better to keep him close. At least when she goes on full introvert mode, he can pull her out of her silences.

" A 2008 Reventon should be mine by tomorrow." I proudly smirk and walk to sit by her

"Congrats, Blaze this is Luca my best friend. Luca this is Blaze my on papers husband." She introduced easily and Luca chuckled at her trying to bring her feet down so he can extend his hand and shake mine yet Alexa being her stubborn self wouldn't move her legs away.

"I am too comfy like this." she whined at him and he just shook his head at her still smiling

"Hello man, I am sorry Ally here is just being a stubborn baby." He playfully said earning a tongue out from Alexa

"She is as stubborn as they can come." I agreed feeling Alexa's hand hitting my chest

"You promised my mother to protect me not to mock me Mister." Alexa said trying to keep a serious face but I could see a smile trying to break its way out. Her eyes twinkled in playfulness and this is what I like most about Alexa ; being around her is just easy, fun and comforting.

"I thought I was your superman." Luca said pouting at her and in a flying second she moved his way and hugged him bringing him as close as she can to her.

"You will always be my superman, to the end of times." She said kissing his head and I was left to question if they are more like lovers " I just need another superman sometimes to protect me from your teasing." she hushed lowly at him and he laughed loud at her words and his hands met her sides tickling her. I truly feel like a third wheel. I should have let them be without invading their bubble of laughs and hugs.

"What superman will save you from my tickle monster." Luca managed to say between laughs and Alexa begged him to let go.

"Promise me that I am your only superman." He said loud as if meaning for me to get it through my head

"The one and only" Alexa promised while giggling heartily

"Good now I must leave since your husband is back. Goodnight to both of you." Luca simply announced kissing Alexa's cheek and allowed himself out as if he knew the place way too well.

"Are you both secret lovers?" I asked after hearing the door shut

"As in me and Luca?" Alexa questioned eyeing me while still laying back on the sofa

"Yes as in you two." I said as curiosity invaded my soul

"We are best friends" she confessed closing her eyes and drifting back into her own world. She was just chatty, loud and fun around Luca and when he left she became silent and distant he must mean something more to her.

"I don't believe in pure friendship between girls and guys. One must catch feelings at some point of the relationship. You can tell me if you love him. I promise I will keep it a secret. I for example already tell you everything about my love life." I tried to convince her and keep the conversation flowing. I hated it when the house was filled with mere silence as if it has no life in it.

"You tell me everything about your sex life and not your love life. There is a huge difference you know?" Alexa replied not even bothering to open her eyes and look at me

"He seems too familiar with our house." I noted changing our number one topic for debate "Love Vs Sex"

"He should be he spent two nights and three evenings here. I heard some weird movement outside three nights ago. I was scared to death and had no one to call other than well my superhero." Alexa chuckled saying the last bit

"You send me the emergency code when your mother visits but not when a burglar or killer is outside?" I questioned feeling shocked

"I didn't want you to lose a car out of your collection. You would have cried day and night over it. So I cut the drama short and phoned Luca...He is my go to when something is wrong." She explained raising her shoulders

"Well since you allowed me to win the car I might as well allow you to drive it around when you want." I offered and saw a small smile appear on her face

"If I ever have the access to such a car I would sell it and do something greater with its money." She said and a defying smirk appeared on her face.

"You are never driving it then. I take back my words." I denied feeling amused and easy around her

"Tears" she mocked and wiped imaginary tears sticking her tongue out

"No seriously come on let me reward in a way that does not include selling any of my cars." I insisted remembering how Vera loved the bracelet that Alexa picked

"Let just say that you owe me a favor for now." Alexa smiled challenging me and I nodded not knowing what to expect.

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