One Month Anniversary

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Like any typical Sunday, Alexa woke up late. Birds sung by her window since dawn. Golden rays of sunlight invaded her room. She groaned annoyed yet never left her bed. Her body ached and she wanted to sleep till noon. She worked as a teacher in one elementary school and specialized the rest of her time to her orphanage. She also had a sometimes present husband who couldn't fry an egg for his life.

Her alarm went again filling the deadly silence of her room. One in the afternoon, her phone read and she knew that that was enough. Her little toes touched the cold floor and shivers ran through her body awakening her. Why did humans ever have to wake up? Sleeping was one of her most adored talents ! She can sleep through day and night but will always wake up tired and grumpy.

Walking down the stairs of her house, Alexa wished to be alone for the day. She knew that Blaze should be out. Last night, he did not come back and that gave her the freedom to listen to her favorite singers as loud as she can. Thanks to Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, she had a blast last night. Music and coffee then movies and popcorn that how she spent her Saturday night. That was fun she nodded agreeing with her own thoughts.

"Agreeing with your own ideas?" The manly voice echoed as she stepped in the kitchen and her whole body froze. Her feet glued to the earth beneath and her head stuck up looking at him.

"Why are you here?" She grumbled at him annoyed then huffed to assure her annoyance more.

"Good morning to you too wifey" He chuckled ignoring her morning or noon attitude

"Don't call me that ever again" she threatened the smirking blue eyed guy who sat on the counter watching her.

"Aren't you a ray of sunshine." He said in the most sarcastic tone ever

"What do you want? Did one of your bimbos come to her mind and throw you out?" She said yawning and ignoring how he eyed her sleeping attire. She didn't dress to impress. Hell, she never wanted to impress him. He and this marriage were just planned to escape her old family life. She was dressed in boy shorts and one of her huge t-shirts. She didn't wear silky little dresses like his women. She had some her mother forced her to buy them because she was getting married and she had to keep that facade.

"Who would throw one of L.A's hottest guys out of bed? Other women have eyes, baby girl" Blaze chuckled confidently

"Other women have eyes" Alexa mocked in a girly tone " Wasn't I clear enough about the rules of this marriage?" she asked glaring at him

"Oh, you were. Let's see; no interference in each others' lives, in public we just hold hands and in cases of major crises we can have feathery kisses...I still do not know what that means by the way." he laughed and continued " Oh, and the major rule to this plan of a marriage is no ....You know what" he laughed loudly remembering her shyness when it came to mentioning sex to him on their first business meetings.

"Jerk" she mumbled under her breaths feeling her cheeks become rosier.

She was still standing in front of his figure, frozen to earth, hearing him ridicule her. Ten minutes already passed, since her awakening and still no coffee. That was not normal to her at all. It made her grumpy and wanting to curse her on paper husband loudly. Deciding that busying herself is the best choice for her, she walked to her coffee machine and started it.

"This jerk wants some coffee too." he playfully said and jumped off of the counter walking to her

"Seriously, were you thrown out by one of your girls or what?" Alexa turned facing him. He was too close to her comfort, one more step and he would walk into her personal space. He smirked at her and laughter was shining in his sea foam eyes. She could clearly see why girls were after him. The news of their marriage broke the hearts of thousands. He was a heartthrob and she picked him because of that.

She was always told that her beauty is nothing special, that she is not that good looking. She is just okay looking and probably will end up with a normally looking guy. She was also told that she would never leave her family home until she is married. Well, she wanted to break those expectations she picked one of the hottest guys ever and convinced him to marry her. Blaze was a friend of her best friend. She met him in a party and her best friend told her that he is a womanizer. He knows how to play girls and make them fall but he is into clean play you walk into his room knowing that what is about to happen is mere sex, no emotions, no expectations and by eight in the morning the girl should leave or be thrown out...Alexa remembered feeling sick at hearing such news but she laughed her heart out hearing about Blaze's mother and her plans to marry him...His mother wanted him to start a family. She hired a body guard to keep the girls away from Blaze at certain times and told her son to pick one girlfriend instead of many...Blaze introduced himself that day but never paid Alexa any special attention...Not until the first of September.

She has the craziest most dramatic family ever. All siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents are neighbors. They basically had a street for the family. They lived nearly together. No secret was kept and nothing was private. She loved them to death but knew that happiness was shared but fights would start from nothing. All they did was yell at each other and never enjoy silence. She spent twenty five years with them and two months ago she had enough. She had to get out of such tense atmosphere. She wanted to live alone since she became eighteen just like other normal young adults but her family was protective or possessive in better sense. They wouldn't allow her not if she is not married...That when she planned it all.

Calling Sasha her best friend, Alexa got Blaze's number without answering any of Sasha's questions. The first of September, that's when she planned a meeting with him. She felt nervous. After all he could mock her and ridicule her idea but she had to try...She was a stranger asking him to marry her so she can live freely and so he can have all the girls he wants...She prayed for him to agree...The moment the word marriage left her lips, he laughed or roared in laughter. She felt embraced and her tears nearly fell how stupid is she? She should have asked a normal or a poor looking guy that way she had higher chances but she wanted to rub it in the fact that she could be loved by a hot guy. That day Blaze drunk his coffee thanked her for the realest laugh he had in days or months and left her behind cursing both him and herself.

Yet in a week he called and her heart pounded fast and loud. She just finished her last class for the day and was collecting her stuff readying herself to leave. She thought about him mocking her again so she didn't pick up. She embraced herself enough. He called endlessly that day and having enough of her ringtone she answered. Shocking her to the point of dropping her new Iphone, he agreed saying that moving with her is better than having his mother as a housemate.

"No girl will throw me out." His confident tone brought her back to reality

"I would or I am. Go find one of your bimbos and allow me to enjoy my Sunday." Alexa ordered turning back to the beeping coffee machine that announced that her coffee is ready.

"Relax; I have a date in one hour. I came back home to wish you a happy one month anniversary lexi." Blaze said and without any notice hugged her close bringing her to his chest.

"Seriously? You are this cheesy?" she chuckled even though her cheeks were tainted red who wouldn't be when hugged by one of the handsomest guys in town?

"Yep" he said popping the "p" sound loudly and letting her go. She laughed at his childish behavior and just ended up making coffee for him. She is totally married to a cheesy man-child.

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