"Lay with me..."

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"When we went out you were blushing crazy. Why are you mad now ?" He grumbled in a confused tone as he kept trying to hold her hand but like always she would draw it away stubbornly. 

After a silent breakfast and hundreds of stolen glances , Lexi declared that she needs to go shopping. He offered to go with, or imposed but it all resulted in the same thing: they went together. He eyed her carefully as she walked out of her room dressed in a simple summer dress. Her femininity, beauty , delicateness  and care of Austin is taking him by surprise. Each time , it is like seeing her for the first time and his body heats up for her. The dress hugged her rightly , not too tight and not too big. It hugged her curves and flowed to her knees. Not blinded anymore, he actually saw what his cousin meant by cuteness ...She may not stand out but she will surely steal hearts and breaths. 

He wanted to drive them to any shop but she argued saying that Austin hates the car-seat. She then continued saying that she loves the little stores here and that he is not obliged to come with. Her loud mouth, got him to think of many ways to shut her; he would hug her, kiss her lips, mark her neck with a hickey , leave her breathless moaning only his name...

His darkening sea foam eyes and silent stance might have been a clue to what he is thinking. He heard her ordering him in a little cry to stop looking at her like that and then marched her way rapidly to the door with bright red cheeks. He laughed loud at her reactions. Unlike Cynthia or any of his past girls , Lexi seemed innocent and less adventurous in anything sexual. She acts like a scared kitten and pushes him away whenever things are heating up.

Through out their walk , she stayed silent yet surprisingly when he reached for her hand she did not yell at him. She allowed him to hold hers and intertwine their fingers. Laced together, he kept on noticing how soft her hand is, how she didn't wear any ring, how happy he felt doing one of the sappiest moves ever. He even felt a new kind of warmth developing in him and looking over at Alexa, seeing her looking down blushing made him feel free, happy , truly contented. 

The trip to the shop was nothing out of the expected. They bought different stuff and he decided to buy Austin some toys to make up for the last eight-months of the boys life. He knew Austin would remember nothing but at least Blaze would try to do his best to care for him from now on. Taking Austin along with him, they left Alexa to grab the last of the items on her shopping list . 

Meeting her at the register, he sensed a new coldness in her. She did not try to talk to him, just took Austin and placed him in his stroller. She handed all items for the man handling the register and Blaze could have sower that the man was too nice, too amiable , too friendly ...The man ended up giving Alexa a small paper with the shop's number saying that if she needs anything else he can drop it for her...Fuming with anger, blaze dropped his hand over Alexa's shoulder and thanked the man in hateful tone saying that he can handle all of his wife's needs.

"I am irritated by your manners." Alexa yelled facing him after placing a sleeping Austin in the other room so they won't wake him up. Both stood in the living-room two feet away and were seething with anger.

"What did I do?" Blaze questioned taken aback by her attitude 

"Let's see , I am Blaze. I can flirt with any passer-by and even use Austin to do so but That is Alexa ; she is my wife. No one can be nice to her because I am stupidly jealous." she mocked in a deeper tone trying to mimic him

"I don't sound like that and that guy was too friendly..." He yelled taking a step towards her

"Oh, and the woman in the toy-aisle was not?" she mocked back 

"She was just saying hi to Austin." Blaze defended 

"And I am supposed to believe so ? I saw you checking out that bimbo...No, I cannot judge her like so. I don't even know her and yes she might have just said hi to Austin but you were ogling her. Still mentally undressing people aren't we?" She fought back without moving away

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