Fight and Flowers

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The new goal is at the very end.

Alexa's Pov

"Look who is here again." Blaze mocked as he made his way to the living room. Once again, the events replayed. Nothing new is happening.

After the tattoo talk Blaze got on his next mission. One of his friends called him saying that they are visiting this new bar. There they made their bet. They would go each night and see how many numbers or girls they will come out with for a whole week.

The sad things is that even the girls in his group were up to doing the same but dealing with guys. His group had six insane people four guys and two girls. Blaze loved those people to death and whenever I tried to tell him that their influencing him badly he will just turn defensive and leave.

That one time when we talked about my tattoo, I thought we were getting closer. He picked my tattoo in a way but never asked if I got it or not. I felt disappointed for a reason and never had the guts to just go to him and reveal the pink lotus tattoo which decorates my collar bone,now. He is not my friend. He does not care about me. He was just being nice that day that's what I kept on saying to myself.

"Blaze." Luca acknowledged calmly not caring about Blaze's tone. This is what I love most about Luca; he is calm and collected. He is loyal and will do anything to keep me happy even if it meant running into someone he does not clearly like. Luca did not agree of Blaze and when I firstly told him my plan he angrily ignored me for two days. He thought that Blaze will trap me into his world and I will become one of his cheesy girls but I promised him that I wouldn't...Luca as he said before is my superman in real life and when Blaze is off elsewhere Luca keeps my company.

"Who won this time?" I lazy asked as Blaze sat on my left side and I cuddled further into Luca's chest and away from Blaze. Luca's hand hugged my shoulders securely closer to him and he left a chaste kiss on my head. I felt Blaze's eyes on us and for a reason felt deeply uncomfortable. His silence was a tad longer than needed and that's why I turned my head away from the TV and looked at him. When my eyes connected with his I saw him huff lightly and just turn around to watch CSI with us.

"Eric got the highest numbers this time and won a week on Elisa's private yacht." Blaze confessed and I just nodded ignoring the fact that he could miss my reaction because he is watching the criminal show that was being aired right now.

"You guys are boring." Blaze echoed after ten minutes of pure silence. I heard him huffing few times but decided to ignore him. I knew that he didn't like long silences and was always on the move or doing something new. He is not introverted and does not like the silent company and bond that Luca and I have.

"Should we go and chase some girls around to be fun enough for you?" Luca shot and my eyes nearly popped. Why is my silent nice Luca being mean and harsh?

"I didn't say so but you guys are dull." Blaze shot back and looked at Luca harshly but the latter didn't pay him any attention and just continued on watching the TV

"And what should we do so your majesty can be entertained?" Luca fired back at Blaze without moving from his position. He was still hugging me close to him and watching the TV.

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