Home & Innocent Gestures

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Blaze's Pov:

"Lexi" I announced my arrival by simply uttering her name. I did not know what to say or do around her. I have been missing for days. I left her ,as soon as she did her first wrong move. She can truly ignore me, yell at me or go back to treating me like a mere stranger. She is at fault here, no one can deny that. However,  I messed up too. She forced unimaginable stuff on our fake relation and I just ran away. I put her on spot with our families and friends. She kept on lying , according to Eric, and saying that I had to travel away for an unknown period, when our parents called. 

"Blaze!" she sounded so surprised. Her dark chocolate eyes mirrored different emotions , most relief. With a baby bottle in hand, she ran my way and her hands hugged me tightly. I was surprised at her reaction but a sincere smile invaded my grim expressions. Warmth enveloped me but as soon as I unfroze and went to hug her back she withdrew away. I nearly grumbled at her but why would I? Why am I here again? Was it jealousy and possessiveness or just a fear of change? I don't want my mother to haunt me down again. I don't want my mother to keep track of my flings and nightstands. Alexa's presence in my life stops my mother from doing so. If I lose Alexa, I lose my freedom. If my freedom equals Alexa, then I should allow her to be free to adopt, get a tattoo or whatever...

"I am sorry Blaze. I truly mean my apologies. I swear to god, if I knew that I will ruin your home for you...I would have kept Austin a secret. I would have kept him in my orphanage. I just trusted you. I thought that once I don't evolve you as the adoptive father , you wouldn't mind. You , after all, don't know a thing about my life or seem to care...I thought that you would just ...I don't know ...continue on living ? I am sorry." She pleaded and nervously shook the baby bottle endlessly. She looked a bit exhausted. My eyes examined her appearance and I was shocked. She was dressed in one big shirt only. It went down to her mid thighs. The color was an odd choice. She never wore green but it does look good on her pale skin. She is a curvy girl but the t-shirt still looked big and a tad familiar. 

"Where did you get that?" I asked briskly changing our current tensed topic. She got confused for a second but once I pointed to her shirt a blush seemed to taint her cheeks. What is it with her and this shirt?

"It is Chris's. He spent a night here and changed to one of your shirts because Austin dirtied this. After cleaning the shirt, I just kept it and Chris allowed me too. He said it looks good on me." She mumbled as a blush went deeper and I found myself silently cursing Chris.

"Why would he sleep here?" I asked sounding louder than needed. I guess all tiredness and annoyance are just crashing my soul. Yep, that's why I am being moody with her.

"Austin got sick. He is still is. Chris and Luca spent two sleepless nights caring for Austin with me. I couldn't be more thankful to them but today I had to send them home. They looked so tired and exhausted." She informed eyeing me weirdly yet still offering me a small warming smile. Talking to Alexa always seems to be as easy and light as a breeze. Whenever I yell, she either walks away or just smile and talk nicely. Innocence is also a major card of hers. She is just too sweet , too coy, too different from my life and my girls.

"Is he okay now?" I asked and nearly bit my tongue as I saw her smile widening. Why did I ask about him? I should not care and I don't. I shouldn't have asked. I shouldn't give her fake hopes about anything. 

"He is a bit better. He is eating a bit at least. " She said and as if remembering the bottle at hand she held it in front of me"I better go feed him. Oh, and Blaze we won't make a sound I promise. He is not a cry baby, you know? He just loves cuddles and as soon as I hold him he just calms downs, plays or sleeps . You can also file for your awaited divorce. I will sign the paper and you will out of this mess. This is only my plan of a life and not yours." She murmured and I swear that I saw pain in her eyes but she soon masked it with a brave little smile. A voice in me urged me to hug her, to hug her pain away but once again should I accept my old life back?

"Lexi listen. I am not going to take any decision now. I mad at you. I thought that we are friends. I am open about all my flings. I tell you everything yet you just dropped a bomb on me. You knew I hate kids but here  we are having our lives invaded by an adoptive baby. For the moment, I am too mad to even think. I know just one thing that I don't want to lose your friendship. I am angry but I came back home because I am used to this." I said pointing between us both "I don't to lose my new acquired freedom and a baby might not sound that bad compared to my mother and her rules." I explained jokingly and heard her laugh a bit 

"A baby is way better than a bodyguard pushing your favorite toys away from you." She joked back and started to walk to her room.

"My girls are not toys. They are just free spirited and living life to its full potentials. A baby is also way better than those dark memories. I spent two whole months back then with no one to keep my company." I dramatically spoke remembering my past year and all my mother's tries to tie me down to just one girl.

"Poor you." Alexa mocked opening her door and all my playfulness vanished as I saw the baby laying in his crib babbling alone and making noises. I don't get how people like those little monsters or think that they are cute. They just make noises, make noises and dirty stuff.

"How is my little boy?" Alexa cooed at him then held him close to her. Settling between her hands, the little monster raised his voices as if talking back to her. "Are feeling  better?" she asked as if he can talk back. It amazes me how and why does she even try to talk to him while to that flu machine cannot talk back. "Is that a smile I see? Oh, how I miss it." she continued and kissed his forehead.

"I am going to take a shower." I lied through my teeth as it angered me to remember that I too must act that way with Austin when our families are around.

"Wait." Alexa yelled sitting on her bed and sitting on her lap "I want to formally introduce you to him." She continued. I was about to refuse about her eyes silently begged me and her hopeful innocent smile just made me feel burdened and guilty.

"He won't get a thing." I asked eyeing the blue-eyed boy. He kind of looked like me. He had the same hair and eyes. People can truly mistake him to be my biological son. Alexa did say after all that it reminded her of me but why would she want to have babies that look like me when we are just a fake couple?

"Please?" Alexa begged and patted the space beside her. I reluctantly walked to her , huffing, feeling confused as ever but still my heartbeats raced in a know rhythm.

"Baby boy, this is my friend and fake husband Blaze. He is a CEO, a player and great friend. You have a lot to learn from him but don't you dare become a player." Alexa spoke as I sat beside her. Our shoulders brushing one another's. This slightest gesture gave me that not so foreign sensation of warmth again. I found myself smiling as Alexa rose the baby's hand offing me to shake it.

"Blaze, this is my baby boy Austin. He is just a sleepy head who like to babble at me endlessly as I get what he says" she finished cutely and I couldn't but smile big at her contagious positive energy.

"Being a player is fun. Don't listen to your mother." I playfully said shaking Austin's hand delicately and he grinned at me and babbled god knows what " He agrees,see " I joked hearing Alexa laugh at Austin's sudden reaction

"I got myself into this." she shook her head but still smiled big " Thank you though Blaze. Thanks a lot." She murmured and in a surprising swift move her lips met my cheek in a coy peck on my cheek and I , the famous skilled player, froze at such innocent gesture feeling an electric shock running through my spine. What the hell was that ?

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