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Her wooden bungalow consisted of just one bedroom. Blaze had nowhere else to stay but the small living-room. His head buried deep in his palms. His cheek still burnt from the slap and his heart ached. Today, the tables decided to turn around. His past came back around to haunt him. 

Cynthia, his only girlfriend, suddenly appeared out of thin air. When he finally got the courage to man up and check on Alexa , he found another forgotten runaway. The short haired girl mocked him and he deserved it. They were in love and had been in a relationship for seven months. She was the only one who got him under some kind of charm. Her tears, laughs, giggles, all meant life to him. He loved her. Freezing on spot once he saw her, he felt lost. Then anger and heartbreak took charge. He forgot where he were. Not caring about anything or anyone, he yelled at her and to his surprise Austin turned out to be his, his real son. He has a baby and he never knew...Cynthia continued to act coldly and he could understand why. She was fascinated by him.He felt love and care in all of her actions. Figuring out that she was pregnant, she feared his hate so she ran away. She didn't know what to do so she hid away breaking his heart. 

Tears fell heavily as he remembered how insane he went looking for her. He begged all his friends to help and they did yet found nothing. Cynthia just disappeared into thin air and no matter what he did he couldn't find her; Her credit cards were canceled. Her phone was shut and thrown in her old apartment. Her family knew nothing about her or at least that's what they said. 

Feeling alone and lonely , he started to drink and even joined the stupid bets of Bryan and Jack. He went through  girls like articles of clothes and never cared about the results. He used to drink to fill a void. He cursed at Cynthia each night until Alexa came a long ...Yet he should only curse himself. He is the only one responsible for this mess. 

His hand covered the cheek that Alexa slapped and he remembered how  he treated her. He turns into some kind of beast when she defies him. A fire ignites within him whenever someone show interest in her. He for sure feels something towards her but seeing Cynthia confused him. His first instinct seeing his old love was to hug her, kiss her, claim her but for a sudden reason he ended up just yelling at her...

Not knowing when Alexa left the shop, he just continued to argue with Cynthia. He yelled at her until her manager came and yelled at both of them. He had to apologize then buy whatever groceries Alexa collected. He got Cynthia to give him her phone number and ran out to find no one waiting for him outside. 

Feeling more burdened by the second, he decided to check on Alexa and Austin: both of them had a horrid day because of him. He only heard few sniffs, when they first went inside the room but nothing more. Readying himself for Alexa's hate, he took silent little steps until he faced her door. He never felt so afraid and guilty. For a reason he wanted to just to go to her and maybe like a little boy hug her to sleep. 

Opening the door slowly , he came face to face with a sleeping Alexa. She laid on her bed motionlessly as she hugged Austin close to her. It still amazes him how she can love the little boy more than his real mother and father. The little boy facing away from Blaze, moved his hands a bit to tuck himself closer to Alexa and that brought a smile to Blaze's face. Austin has always been possessive of Alexa.

"Ma...Ma" Austin mumbled in his sleep shocking Blaze

"I am truly sorry for everything." Blaze declared to the sleeping figures and shut the door slowly allowing them to rest.

After three hours, the door to her room opened getting his attention. He felt like doing nothing so he sat silently all the time waiting for them. During those hours, he tried to text Cynthia civilly but she shunned him away. She in a text told him to back off and go screw himself. He didn't know how to respond to that so he let go for the moment...

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