"Your freaking husband."

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Alexa's Pov:

I heard them ringing the door. I dressed as fast as possible to go and meet them. I truly missed Luca and even the others. No seeing Luca for such a period is new to me. I miss him a lot and hearing him here and close made me miss him more. Putting on some pajama pants, I ran outside and to my surprise there were not only seven people in my living-room but eight; Aussie Luca, Blaze, Chris, Eric, Nina, Elsa and Gaia.

Gaia is my cousin. We are very friendly and close to each other. Growing up and until college, she was my ultimate best friend. We shared secrets, clothes, friends...Everything I tell you everything. Yet while I was a easily missed girl she was a goddess. I was always calm and collected but she was loud, outspoken and vocal. While I have basic features she was blessed with long brown hair and brilliant green eyes. She was always the life of her surroundings while I lived in her shadows. The only time, I shinned to someone was to Luca. I won't lie and say that he didn't fall under her curse but he strangely picked me saying that Gaia's energy is to much to handle...

The only pair of eyes that connected with mine were of Luca's. His smile doubled in size and like a cheesy romance he ran to me meeting me half way. I miss my best friend so I can be as cheesy as ever. The hug felt as always comforting and warm. My speeding ideas stopped the moment I was embraced by his familiar scent and I couldn't but let a loud sigh out. 

"He is eyeing her as if she is a goddess." I hushed at Luca as we walked to greet the others. 

After seeing Gaia , my eyes drifted to meet Blaze: he was holding baby Aussie while talking to Gaia and Chris.His sea foam eyes were full of enjoyment but they were focused on Gaia only. His masculin laugh filled the room as Aussie refused to be held by Gaia.

"Hey" I lowly uttered as we reached them

"Princess" Chris replied and once again I was captured in a prolonged hug

"Ally. I missed you a lot" Gaia greeted after him sounding sincere 

"I missed you too. How is everyone back home?" I honestly said because no matter of how different we are, she is still is my cousin.

"As loud and dramatic as when you left. Sorry for tagging with the guys. Luca said that he is visiting and I begged day and night to come and see you. You have no idea how dramatic things are back at home." She announced making me chuckle 

"You are more than welcome here." Blaze replied suddenly interrupting my coming comment making my already sour mood towards him worsen

" Yeah as he said." I statically replied throwing a glare at Blaze who ignored me and continued to openly flirt with Gaia...Damn his player ways and all his nonsensical possessiveness and stupid feelings

"mama" the little voice got me to look directly at Aussie who stretched his hands towards me asking to be held

"Hey, little Love." I cooed at Aussie and my hands reached to take him

"He such a mama's boy." Blaze joked giving me Aussie and flames of anger raged inside me but why make a scene and openly prove that I am jealous? 

Hugging Austin to my chest, I walked away to the sofa's. For few minutes , no one joined but then all but Blaze and Gaia. They were caught in some argument about politics but both seemed to enjoy the intellectual levels of each other.

"He is an idiot." Chris was the first to comment on the scene next to us

"He told us to back off the moment we entered but look at him." Luca mocked as his hand dropped on my shoulder

"We can teach him a lesson for you." Elisa mumbled and Nina nodded agreeing

"I can just openly go and punch him." Eric added 

"Thank you guys a lot but we will not do such things." I announced offering them a small smile 

"You deserve a better man." Chris concluded owning a nod from all

"He is not that bad..." I tried to defend Blaze 

"I won't defend Eric if he stood in a room ignoring me and paying attention to another girl only." Nina replied and I felt the ache in my heart worsening 

"What should I do?" I mumbled feeling all the attention on me

"It is not right for him to treat other girls as if he is still single. He should learn that if he wants you, it will always be only you. He made Chris promise not to flirt with you while he is openly flirting with your cousin. It is either equality in treatment or letting you be." Elisa ended and I couldn't but nod 

Soon the conversation ended as Blaze decided to grace us with his and Gaia's presence. He walked to sit by me but Chris was faster he in a second was glued to my left side as Luca set on my right. Whenever Blaze tried to reach for Austin , the girls started to coo at my little boy earning all his attention. Then when Blaze asked to talk to me for a minute I declined saying that I missed my friends and would rather stay with them.

Gaia as if sensing her bad did not address Blaze any further. Surprisingly , her and Chris started an argument about the twitter-voice mail conspiracy theory. That led them to an endless youtube watching session and yells of "ha...ha (s)" and "I told you so." 

Feeling the calming Breaths of Aussie, I decided to place him in my room. He got so excited seeing all of the people around. He went from hands to hands, laughed and giggled with all till his energy drained and he fell asleep in my hands. Walking away from my guests, I took some deep breaths trying to recharge my energy. I love them a lot but they are as loud and energetic as kids on a sugar rush.

"You" the blaming voice echoed as the door closed behind him and I braced myself for another fight here we go again

"Can we do this later on?" I asked not showing him the least of my ragging emotions

"You have been ignoring me for hours." He continued ignoring my demand

"It sucks doesn't it?" I easily replied as my eyes connected with his challenging him to act like a victim once more

"Why are you acting like so?" Blaze questioned clearly surprised

"Go ask Gaia" I fired back and tried to walk my way past him but his hand grabbed my elbow stopping me in place

"Why would I ask her ?" he grumbled at me

"I don't know" I shortly mocked and tried to pull my arm out of his but he stupidly wouldn't let go

"We were just fine, Alexa!" He commented drawing me with force to his chest and I tried to escape but his hands would not budge

"Let go or I would step on your foot or worse kick you where..." I threatened but was cut by his words again

"You wouldn't and I just want to know where I went wrong." he asked again making my blood boil more

"One minute , you say that you love me then the next you are flirting with my cousin." I honestly cleared to him feeling his hands tightening more around me. " If you are able to flirt with whomever then I will do the same be it Chris, Luca or theo..." I yelled the last part out not caring if we got the attention of our guests

"You will flirt with no one." Blaze commended and I raged at the confidence that he owns

"Who are you to tell me not to?" I demanded with clear anger

"Your freaking husband." he answered and I laughed at this loud

"Fake husband" I corrected

"Husband" He corrected again lowering his head to meet my forehead

"Fake, planned, pretend the list  can go on now let go." I ordered yet again seeing his eyes hardening 

"I am sorry if I in any way flirted with your cousin." He finally apologized 

"You are free to do whatever." I fired back finally pushing away from him

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