A Witch Of Some Kind

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Blaze's POV:

"The newlyweds are finally here." My dad's voice echoed getting the attention of all guest.

After dinging the doorbell for more than five minutes, the maid finally opened the door. She greeted us offering a warm smile and endless congratulations. I normally responded but hearing the loud classical music play and the chatter of people made Alexa fidget of anxiety like a little girl. She got back to doing her breathing techniques once again to calm her nerves.

Formal events are one of her worst nightmares but here she is by my side. She could have skipped. However, when our deal was made she promised to keep on playing her part no matter what. Even though her presence here is to my own benefit, I still feel extremely bad about her anxieties. I hugged her close each second till there was no more space separating us.She breathed easier when I hugged her closer to me. However as soon as the door opened and my dad spoke, her anxiety was heightened.

"Can't we just hide away in your old room?" Alexa hushed at me as we took our first steps inside

"Bare with me for an hour then we can go home." I promised looking down at her trying to ease her

"Promise?" She mumbled like a kid hiding her face from my gaze

"Yeah, now stay by me..." I assured and she silently nodded her head

We walked through the crowds receiving many gazes, smiles, words of congrats and wishes. We smiled at some and replied to the others. Alexa tried her best to walk confidently through the crowds with me, till we reached our main target also known as my dad. Our relation must get approved by all these people but most importantly by him and my mother. Alexa , to them, is still a stranger. Our marriage was announced our of the blue and done in matter of two months. I don't even know how Alexa did it. She rapidly got everything ready , in no time. She texted me few questions , after my agreement. Then based on my answers, she picked the right things; a chocolate and mocha wedding cake, my church and she mixed both our favorite colors gray and blue. She did not fight me at all. She just wanted to get over and run away from her family.

Seeing Alexa for the first time, my father and mother had different viewpoints. My mother , a woman of high class, thought that Alexa is too plain for us. She mentioned that our families are not as rich or as known. She also refereed to Alexa as nerdy looking. I knew that all those things were facts but I wanted to break free and live the way I want without interferences whatsoever. Secondly, my dad just nodded his head and did a background check on her. He made sure that she was not a gold digger looking for an easy prey. Discovering that she had an orphanage and was an acknowledge philanthropist my dad blessed our marriage saying that she will change me to the best...

"My favorite son and daughter in law" My dad greeted with exaggerated enthusiasm

"We are your only son and daughter in law" I corrected offering a fake smile

"You still didn't tame his sarcasm " My dad playfully blamed looking at Alexa

"I actually don't mind it." she gathered some courage and voiced her words making me smile

"So how is the happy couple?" My mother strictly asked and to tease her more I kissed Alexa's head making her blush

"We are perfectly great." I responded easily chuckling at Alexa's reaction

"You got thinner" My mum noted in a harsh kind of way

"I am healthier you mean." I corrected

"Dieting?" My mum surprisingly echoed knowing that I would never give up my sweets and wine no matter what

"I am married to a woman who hardly uses sugar, loves only dark chocolate and fruits and does not drink at all. My house now is like a heath center and even smoking a cigar inside is forbidden. Store bought sweets are served once a week and for the rest of the days she cooks for us in a healthy way." I informed feeling proud of Alexa. Like my father thought, this girl is truly positively affecting me.

"My cousin gave up his women, wine and sweets. You must be a witch of some kind." Bryan my cousin said laughing as he joined our conversation. He and I were rivals since day one. We were born on the same month, grew up going to the same school, had the same classes so we fought about grades and girls. Then came the time for us to become CEOs of our fathers' companies and both of us inspired to thrive more.

"Bryan." I greeted and he extended his hand to Alexa. She said a faint hello to him and extended her hand to shake his. However he gathered her hand in his much bigger one and directed it to his lips and kissing it lightly. Alexa blushed and something felt deeply wrong right then making me glare at Bryan. Yet why should I? She is not really tied down to me and she can be kissed by whomever she allows

"So are you convincing him of kids too? He never wanted them you know?" Bryan bluntly questioned and my eyes nearly popped of surprise. How dare he! How audacious can he be? All eyes were waiting for Alexa to respond. I knew my parents wanted or demanded to have their own grand kids but this cannot happen in months and not in such kind of marriage. I felt bad for Alexa knowing that she ran away from a stressful family and found another. Trying to assure her that it is okay, my hug tightened around her waist. Her cheeks by now were strawberry red. Her breathing was fastened and her anxiety right now was clear. She needed and escape and her hold tightening on the back of my suit sending me alarming signals.

"We just got married and all can change" I responded to Bryan in a harsh tone

His eyes never left Alexa. He was eyeing her up and down and I had an urge to hide her away from his burning eyes. Alexa might not be as beautiful as those models that he toys around but still she looks cute. She had a special beauty to her even though she dressed loosely to hide the curves that she is not comfortable with. Her black as night sky hair and big bright eyes gave her a special charm. Tonight, she allowed her hair to fall in waves and wore a bit of mascara and gloss. She alarmed him that she is not good at makeup. She tried to mimic several Youtube videos but finally gave up and wore a minimal quantity of makeup. She still made his breath cut short when she came out of her room. She was dressed in this white romper dress that had pink purplish flowers all over it. Her legs were left exposed and her body looked good.

"You have got a cute one." Bryan commented keeping his eyes on her and if it was not for Alexa's tightening hold on my clothes keeping me grounded I would have acted in a brutal way

"First of all," Alexa spoke surprising us " Blaze does not owe me. He does not have a cute one." she strictly informed owning back her confident self. She shook out of my hold and stood strong making all of us, my parents, Bryan and me shocked " I am not a thing to be owned. Also my marital life with Blaze is none of your concerns. If are we having kids or not does not add up any benefit to you, so why ask? I have hundreds of kids in my orphanage for now and will have kids of my own when ready, if it concerns you.Now if you all excuse me, I need to go and dance with my husband." Alexa finished her speech and I felt proud

"I like her." I heard Bryan reacting but ignored him and led the way away from them

"I am so proud of you." I confessed to Alexa hushing in her ear and she giggled

"thanks a lot for everything." She said hugging me side ways " But I cannot dance." she completed and it was my time to laugh loudly

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