Mentally Undressing People

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Alexa's POV:

After dealing with Bryan, Blaze and I decided to pick the balcony of his house as an escape. We sat on either sides of the table and enjoyed silence. I admired the beauty of the night sky and tried to dismiss the cold breeze. while Blaze kept his eyes set on the party. He was a social butterfly and I felt a bit bad for taking him away from his world. However I desperately needed a break.

Letting my eyes drift from the scattered illuminating stars to my husband's face made me shiver. He was definitely a sight to see. His sea foam eyes looked a bit darker because of the dim lights. His expressions were relaxed and his lips had a continuous mischievous smirk plastered on them. His jaw was sharp and defined. Everything about him was defined. His dress shirt hugged his body like a second skin accentuating his abs and muscles. He was definitely a sigh to see and admire.

I still remembers how my aunts reacted seeing him ,for the very first time. I was told on several occasions that I am normal looking. I was told that some of my cousins are better looking. I was brought up to think that I will only end up with a normal looking man. My aunts were left awestruck when Blaze visited my house for the first time. Their mouths hung open and their breathes were cut short. They were amazed and I felt proud because I broke their codes.

Following Blaze's gaze, my eyes fell on a blond girl. Blaze's stare looked so intense. He looked like he exists in a momentary world with that girl alone. My eyes fell on her and she looked as if she just came out of Vogue or magazine of that kind. She was tall, thin and curvy at the right places. Her blond hair covered her exposed back ad her dress hugged her in all the correct places. It , the burgundy dress, made her the center of attention.

"You have been eye raping her for the last ten minutes." I commented as Blaze probably kept on mentally undressing the blond girl.

"It is like touching her but not really. My imagination can go wild. It is fun." he responded easily still keeping his eyes on his goal for the night.

"You can go talk to her if you want." I offered even though it felt wrong saying such thing. Blaze's eyes shot my way widening at my words. He froze for a little moment then shook his head as if clearing it.

"We have a facade to keep." He warned going serious all of a sudden

"You can pass her your number somehow if you want." I offered again hating my own echoing voice

"I won't. My parents have eyes everywhere and I won't risk getting caught." He denied again

"Okay, as you wish. Just keep on ogling her from a far." I mocked and Blaze chuckled

" I can teach you to undress people in your mind." Blaze offered with a childish grin and I couldn't help but laugh. We must sound so twisted to anyone else. A couple persuading each other to enjoy other people on sexual levels.

"Pick the hottest person here." Blaze dared and I did my best to ignore his gaze. The answer that popped in my mind made me blush deeply. I wanted to tell him that he is the hottest but that would end up making stuff awkward.

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