"I See It "

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"care to explain yourself?" she questioned the moment she went in. Blaze like always laid on the sofa and facing the dark screen in front of him. His head was resting on some pillow . His eyes shut but she could hear him mumbling god knows what. 

"Blaze, I am talking to you" she said with a sigh and walked as close to the sofa as possible yet still keeping a safe distance. She didn't want to be in his reach. She did want to breath in his scent or have his warm strong hands anywhere near her. She did plan to forget him and that is what she will do.

"Can't you just let go?" he hushed clearly annoyed by her and that made her blood boil a little

"Not when my friend left with a bruised jaw." she angrily spat at him 

"Not enough damage." He hatefully spoke and his tone warned her to let him alone but her stubborn self wouldn't let such behavior slide.

"If you ever want to be around Austin you should know that violence is not a solution. I don't want him to grow up to be violent. " Alexa filled in sounding as serious as ever.

"Violence is needed to set rude assholes in their right places." He finally corrected opening his eyes and eyeing her up down "Speaking about Austin, you shouldn't teach him that inviting strangers to our home whenever is okay too. We have to set limits, on who is accepted to come and who should stay far away. After all you sound so concern about a baby understanding violence, so why not teach him limits too." he said in a mocking tone making her breathes catch in anger.

"Theo is not an asshole or a total stranger. He is a nice guy. If, I also have to remind you this is not your home. I am doing my best to raise Austin rightly. You were just brought into his life , unwillingly too, so please keep your tips for your own damn self " she threatened standing tall and fighting for her title as a mother 

"He is a nice guy!" Blaze said in the most fake girly tone he can master and to his surprise Alexa squatted to meet his level as he still laid on the sofa. If he was in the right kind of mood, he would have found such reversal of roles funny. He is the tall one. He should tower her. Yet here she is looking over him in a threatening way.

"Listen here mister, I am not one of those silly girls that you can just mock and order around. I don't sound like that either. I am not an airhead, are we clear?" she scolded " Theo, saying I am a catch and I saying he is a nice guy are none of your stupid business. You don't have to react badly to us we did nothing wrong to you. Theo just thought..." Alexa suddenly lost all words catching herself on the verge of admitting her feelings.

"Thought what?" He managed to utter breathlessly as his attention diverted only to her lips and how he wanted to catch them in a heated kiss but he knew the result; she will probably slap him and throw him out...

"None of your business" she completed standing tall now and taking a step back. He immediately missed her closeness and wished to bring her back but her rudeness kept throwing him off.

"I would love to clear to you that both Austin and you are my business." he raised his voice as he stood to tower her 

"Not really. I am your fake wife and he is registered under my name only." she fought back trying to step back but his hands caught her forearm gluing her in place.

"That does not matter. To the actual world, you are mine." he corrected in a low deadly voice making her gulp loudly. His eyes looked shades deeper. His tall frame covered and towered over hers. His grip was nearly too strong and hurtful. He looked wild to her. Her heart told her to just agree with him and end this tense confrontation but her mind told her to set him right.

"I am an accessory to you, a front to display so you can cover up for your shenanigans. Shouldn't you also be claiming Cynthia ? " She fought back shaking her hand trying to throw his hold off but alas he was too rigid

"Why are you even bringing her into this?" He shot at her 

"Oh, is she really that precious to you?" she taunted 

"This is not the point. Why did theo say that you were a catch?" He  harshly asked again ignoring all her words

"Hands off." Alexa demanded yet again trying to get out of his hold

"Answer my question and I will let go." He spoke quietly this time 

"Maybe because he thinks that I am pretty. You may not see it but some guys do find me pretty." she dared and in second his hold tightened a bit . Now , she sure that his grip would leave a mark. "You are hurting me, Blaze." she spoke keeping her angry  voice

"I see it." he mumbled in a rush and if she was not this close so would have easily missed it. His fingers finally stretched letting go of her forearm but instead of moving her feet glued to the earth beneath her. She was momentarily frozen by his sudden niceness and compliment.

"huh?" was the only questioning sound that she arrived to utter

"I do find you beautiful." Blaze confessed in a small tone making her blush immediately "You may not be a model, Alexa but you do have a special kind of beauty to you. You are one of the cutest girls I have ever had around." acknowledged falling back to the sofa behind him and eyeing every reaction she had towards his words. He was saying the truth; he did find her pretty, no beautiful and cute. She might not fit in his stereotypical idea of a lover but in mere months she stole his breathes, made his thoughts go wild and all of him is obviously wanting all of her...

"Thanks." she mumbled her blush as deep as a beetroot making him smile wholeheartedly  at her. She is very cute and innocent, he accorded in his mind. A simple compliment can make her blush and unlike all his past other girls simple words can make her anger evaporate.

A heavy kind of silence consumed them both. It was not stifling but awkward. Blaze did not know how to act as Alexa eyed her shoes without uttering a  word or making any sound. He would see her trying to steal glances at him but as soon as his eyes met hers , she would look hastily away...

"Don't let this get awkward, lexi. I am just being honest."  he begged reassuringly and she only nodded at him " Lexi, look at me. I am far away. I won't make any move just look at me. Tell me what's going on in your mind?" he instructed and she did try to look at him but feeling the warmth of her cheeks getting higher, meaning her blush getting deeper, she just looked past him ignoring the silly smirk that played on his lips.

"Stop smirking." she tried to grumble and sound as fierce as earlier but her voice failed her and sounded soft and pleading

"I will once you answer me." He once again brought back

"Answer what?" she tried to act unknowing 

"You know exactly what." he assured keeping his promise and not moving from his place even though he wanted her closer and nearer 

"Nope." she denied again

"Then, I will remind you.Why did your so-called-friend dared to tell me that you are a catch? I know for sure that you are pretty and well-desservant of such compliment but Why would he taunt me with it? It didn't sound innocent at all. It was as if he asking for me to get enraged. He did even hold a fight. He just smirked at me once his words down on me and I saw red..." Blaze asked again and again

"He had a theory" Alexa mumbled shyly after long prolonged silence

"Go on." Blaze demanded wanting to know more

"He thought that he can make you jealous. I tried to tell him off but...He is too stubborn"  She confessed finally and in a swift move turned away from Blaze's blinking eyes. 

"Jealous?" he repeated and Alexa prayed for some kind of miracle to save her from the awkwardness of their upcoming talk. She held her breathes and called for any powers out there to interrupt their conversation and as if hearing her wishes Austin's cries echoed in the house making her promise to buy him a new toy. That baby is truly the best.

"I need to check on Austin." she rushed without waiting for any kind of answer and ran to her room thanking the gods for Austin, her little savior.  

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