Two Dates

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Blaze's Pov

"Where were you?" I questioned seeing Alexa coming through the now open door.

Yesterday after we got back home, we ate our already cooked meal, watched TV till our eyelids felt heavy and finally went to our separate rooms. Today I woke up to an already made breakfast and an empty house. I thought that Alexa as usual went to her school or orphanage so I didn't pay her much attention. My day went completely normal; I went to my company, went through thousands of paper works, yelled at some people, thanked others and so on. Finally, I left by nearly seven. I met the guys for dinner and was surprised to see Elisa and Nina missing. They had their own stuff to do the guys informed and I just nodded. Continuing the usual pattern, my group had dinner , Chinese food this time. After so we went to a bar, had some drinks, danced and flirted with few girls who were more than willing to do everything we ask them to.

Not getting my attention fully stolen by any girl tonight, I excused myself and went back home. Sometimes I just need a night off. All girls at the bars will start to look the same and sound the same. I drove home thinking that I will find Alexa awake in Luca's hands as usual. That scene always left me tense and on the edge of anger for a reason. I just either wanted or hated what they have.

Reaching my house I found all lights turned off, not a light bulb was on , not a glimpse of light. Alexa couldn't be asleep at just eleven at night right? I entered my house and called her name, once, twice, thrice...Only my echoed voice was heard in the depths of my silent house. I , for the very first time, walked to Alexa's room and opened its door finding the purple room washing in pure silence. Alexa's bed was perfectly made. Her room looked organized to the smallest bits of it. The teddy bear that she brought on her first visit still sat next her pillow. It made me chuckle remembering how she tried to hide it away from me thinking that I will mock her because of her age. I teased her hardly about it but she refereed to it as home. She grew up having that white pinkish teddy and said that she will be passing it one day to her first child. She seriously does sound completely different from the bar girls.

Remembering what Luca said about the thief, I felt extreme fear taking over me. I was scared as hell. What if something bad happened to Alexa? Is she okay? Did anyone hurt her? Was she kidnapped ? Did Luca save her and take her away? How will I tell her family? Will they kill me? I kept on pacing back and forth, for an hour. I called Alexa but her phone was dead. I wanted to call Luca but I didn't have his number. What should I do? What will a thief or a killer want from Alexa or me? I would pay them whatever I promised and sent a silent prayer for her to be okay.

The door suddenly opened and I saw her coming inside with different bags in her hands. My first idea was to go and hug her, make sure that she is real, make sure that she is okay. Yet my second was to yell at her for being late without informing me. Torn between both, I finally decided on the last and my question echoed shocking her.

"Where the hell were you?" I questioned her again clearly angry

"You are home first" She noted playfully " The tables have turned" she continued and locked the door behind her

"Alexa , answer me." I demanded repeatedly

"Just change the password of your phone." she replied ignoring my question and walking past me to the living room. She allowed all the bags to fall on the floor while she laid on the sofa catching her breaths. She is clearly tired and probably had a long day but I am still not satisfied with her answer. I am as confused as ever.

"What does my phone has to do with you coming late? " I said sitting by her and she lazily opened her eyes eyeing me then huffed faintly.

"You wouldn't let this go without an explanation, right? You will just continue on bugging me until you know, right?" she questioned and I grinned nodding at her suddenly all my anger washing away as I saw her smile a little " Your phone has to do everything with me being late. Your dearest friends ,Elisa and Nina, stole my phone number. They know your password. They called me saying that they just wanted to meet for a coffee, so they can finally meet your fake wife and I couldn't say no. They used arguments and wouldn't let me talk. I felt obliged to meet them. We went to have coffee, then suddenly they started talking about shopping and malls. They dragged me with them and picked stuff for me to wear. I am going to burn most of those clothes. " she informed and I laughed "Then they took me to a bar saying that you will be there. However only Eric and Chris were. I gave one of the best acts for them to let me go. I acted tired, exhausted and a bit sick. I coughed here and there as if there is no tomorrow. They asked me to dance or pushed me too and I acted as if my shoes which are old had hurt my feet. I did my best to escape. Frankly, I deserve an oscar. You have wild friends but I like them. They are fun and by the way they all have my number now." she finished and I couldn't but agree my friends are wild and I must tell them to draw a line between their games and Alexa. She just does not fit in our own twisted world. She is too innocent for it.

"Did Eric and Chris torture you more than the girls?" I inquired knowing that the guys can be over the top with their flirting words and actions. Even though I know that Alexa is not my type but she still looked cute and approachable. She has this aura to her that will make anyone relaxed and comfortable around her. Looking at her outfit, I knew that she can get few looks. She was dressed in a deep blue summer dress that went to her knees and had little anchors all over it . Its neck left her collarbone and tattoo shown. She paired it with white sandales and purse. Her hair was curled in a wild way. She looked cute. That made me question if other guys flirted with her? How did Eric react to her or Chris? I knew that Chris liked to flirt with what he called cute girls instead of hot models. He just said that models were an old obsession of his. Now he is exploring girls with souls, whatever that means ...I just don't get how a long legged, barbie looking girl can become an old passion...People are different.

" I have two dates one with Eric and one with Chris." she announced so normally and sat eyeing me and I did a double take of her. Am I hearing stuff now? Am I going insane?

"Excuse me ?" I mumbled at her as she nodded

"Yep, they said that each will take me out as the girls did. Chris said our date is a surprise and Eric is taken me for ice cream. The girls though are drooling over Luca and asking me to set one of them with him" Alexa said bursting into a fit of laughter

"Set Luca with anyone but there is are no dates with the guys." I now talked standing and eyeing Alexa while she gazed shockingly at me because I did sound like an angry parent. I didn't like the idea of her going out with my friends. What if they rub on her and she becomes as wild as us? Will she sleep around aimlessly and let her noble self down ?

"Relax, I am not sleeping with them. It is just ice cream and probably something crazy with Chris. I promised them this one time and then I will disappear from your circle. I won't be friends with them if that's what angered you. I know that I do not fit with them or you." Alexa replied and a hint of sadness was clear in her voice. She diverted her eyes away from me looking at the ground then got on her feet and started walking away to her room.

"Lexa, I didn't mean that" I yelled apologetically but she did not care or stop

"I am sure you didn't. Good night Blaze." She blankly said and closed her door behind her.

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