How a lover acts

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Blaze's POV :

"Shouldn't we get up by now?" I asked Alexa as I laid next to her. Laying beside her did not mean making out, kissing or cuddling. It literally meant laying by her side. She ,unlike all girls I have been with, kept her own distance . She and I , both , laid on our sides facing each other, eyeing each little detail about one another. This may seem boring but it did feel like a private intimate moment of me. Seeing her details up close, I felt calmer , more comfortable and just at ease. The power that she holds over me is insane. She has my heart beating loud and fast and my brain calmer than ever. I wanted to reach out and bring her closer but feared of her reaction. Every little step with her must be calculated to maximum perfection. I don't want her to mix up my emotions for lust and physical needs...Smiling at her , I couldn't but shake my thoughts away. How did she change the player in me to such proper man , I have no idea. 

"You are already bored of me?" she asked without moving away and tried to sound hurt. Yet, I saw her lips form into a playful teasing smile 

"Never." I promised and the truthfulness and easiness of such statements still have me shocked. I am really tied to her, her simplicity , her loud mouth and stubborn ways. Hearing my word , her smile widened and a little blush colored her cheeks pink. Feeling the need to feel her in any way, my hand reached for her face and I cupped her cheek caressing it. 

"That's a big word for a  promise" she hushed blushing deeper sounding too coy. It truly amazes me how she can be all tough and rebellious at moments then so coy and cute.

"I know but I will prove it to you. Now let's get up." I assured her as my hand left her now beetroot cheek.

"See you are already bored." she teased again and laid on her back look up the ceiling and away from me.

"I am not. Our group will be here in less than half an hour. We need to get up." I informed her as I eyed my phone

"So? I am too comfortable here and Aussie is still asleep. We have nothing to do until they come." she argued again shutting her eyes and acting asleep.

"Alexa, you need to change." I spoke slowly gazing at the t-shirt she wore. It was big and covered only half of her thighs. When she laid, it rose even higher and her  black boy-shorts peeked a bit.

"Why? I am not going out and my shirt is clean. Aussie did not mess it." She questioned sitting up and puzzlement was clear in her eyes. Those big chocolate orbs of hers connected with mine asking for an answer and I sat next to her praying god not to turn this into a fight.

"We need to set some boundaries, Lexi. " I calmly said and her shocked expressions intensified 

"Excuse me?" she replied echoing her shock

" I don't like it when you dress revealingly in front of Chris, or any other guy that expressed interest in you. I don't like to see him eyeing you. I feel anger whenever a guy looks at you in a wrong way. I also know that you assured me about your platonic relation with Luca but please try to get how I feel when you are always laying in his hands and adoring him."  I informed truthfully telling her how I feel exactly 

"You sound like a caveman. My shirt is not revealing. It is the opposite of that; too big and featureless. You should also trust my friendship with those guys. If I loved them in a none platonic way, would I ever tell you that I like you? The gaze of other men is none of my doing. As long as I am not wearing a bikini to target or whole foods, you cannot tell me what to do." she fought back sounding like her old rebellious self.

"I trust you. I also know that it is not your fault but you can avoid it." I bickered 

"It is not that clear." she mocked pushing away trying to stand off of the bed

In one swift move, my hand reached for hers and yanked her delicately back. losing her balance, she fell back on the bed occupying her same old spot. Moving fast, I caged her between my hands and feet as I nearly laid on top of her. A loud gasp left her lips and her eyes looked huge. The need to kiss her as always stood prominent.

"I trust you." I promised my voice dropping in pitch and sounding calm, confident and husky 

"Blaze , let go..." she managed to utter and I could easily tell that her breaths became shorter and her heart like mine raced wildly. Her hands rested on my chest yet did not push me away. Her palms just rest on my chest as if feeling my heartbeat

"I want you." I honestly spoke as I eyed all of her and suddenly her tattoo , my idea, got my attention. My lips descended on her collarbone leaving light kisses and I felt her shivering at the contact. 

"Blaze" I knew that she wanted to say more than my name but her head was as hazed as mine. Hearing her breathless cry of my name leaving her lips ignited a fire in me that I have never felt. 

"I love you and want you all for myself alone. Call it possessiveness, domination, selfishness even stupidity but I have every right to be hellish whenever any guy , be it Luca, Chris or another, shows any kind of emotion towards you. I have never stressed about any other girl this way Alexa and these new feelings are consuming me. I don't know how to control them, how to tame my possessiveness. I am totally new when it comes to such intensity so bear with me. Don't get angry at my every word. Don't get mad at me just tell me when I get too out of line. I am trying my best to understand how a lover should act and be the best for you so don't shut me down." I explained to her and to my surprise she rose her head and her lips connect with mine in a quick shy kiss

"You kind of sound like a song I love." she finally uttered 

"Oh yeah?" I questioned still dazed by her rapid action . 

"Yep, you should listen to Nick Jonas singing Jealous." she replied and a little giggle left her lips

"I just wanted to make love to you but now all I do want is to tickle you " I confessed seeing her playful mood

"Don't you dare!" she warned jokingly and in a second my hands connected with her sides making her giggle loud.

"You... are...going wake ...Austin... up." She managed to utter between laughs and I couldn't but laugh at her

"He is still asleep somehow." I noted falling back right by her side

"He is a heavy sleeper." She accorded wiping her happy tears away

"Just like me." I smiled seeing the little similarities between Austin and me

"He looks and acts like you." Alexa accorded looking up at me

"I am truly thankful to you. Thanks for adopting my son." I gratefully replied gazing deeply into her orbs

"I did not know back then but he looked just like you and I found a feeling of familiarity in him that struck me. I felt like a mother the moment I held him. I won't exaggerate and say that it is the first time but Austin was so possessive of me and his hands would not leave my neck. He cried , as soon as , I put him down. Loving him was like a calling to me. " she explained 

"I love you." I repeated for the hundredth time and connected my lips with hers but a knocking sound got us to stop

"Open the door and I would go change into something less revealing." Alexa announced teasing me with my own words and I like a kid just nodded at her.


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