Kiss & Pillow

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Blaze's Pov:

"Dress up nicely by one in the afternoon, will you?" I asked Alexa who seemed bored by my presence and request. I was still adjusting to the beaming morning light. I just woke up to my father's repeated calls inviting us to a business party of his. I wanted to refuse the invite in any way possible. I even pulled the "too sick to move" card but nothing convinced him. I had to attend and had to bring Alexa with me. My dad made sure to remind me that the whole family must keep a perfect image and the newlyweds presence is a must in such process.

Stretching and flexing my muscles, I grumbled loud. I truly feel my body aching. I slept on the sofa last night. After coming late, I found Alexa as usual laying in the hands of Luca. I don't mind their closeness but it still has a weird effect on me. I instantly become tense around them and act unlike myself? I have girls best friends but never been as close as Alexa and Luca are. Those two seem to fit right with each other...Every second, I see their embraced bodies I question why didn't Alexa marry Luca instead of me ? Are his temper and introversion the only reasons?

"Here you go." Alexa finally uttered few words placing a mug of coffee and a muffin, on the coffee table in front of me. The smell of coffee was welcomed warmly by my senses. My hand raced to the cup and I was about to drink from it, until I heard a low whimper of pain and my eyes shot to Alexa. She was rubbing her neck with one hand and stretching the other. Her tattoo, my design, showed as she focused her rubbing on the left side of her neck. Even though concerned, I smiled on the inside knowing that my design lays there forever on her skin.

"What's wrong?" I questioned rising from my seat and walking closer to her.

"You slept hugging me last night and wouldn't let go. I tried to loosen your grip but you wouldn't allow it. I ended up sleeping in a weird way and escaped an hour ago. Now, my neck hurts." She blamed. Her eyes looking directly at mine and I felt a shiver run through me. Her lower lip pouted at me and I felt heat exploding through me. I didn't know that I hugged her all night. Usually, I would never cuddle with a girl or keep any girl captured in my arms for a whole night.

"I am so sorry." I apologized and without asking I grabbed her hand and led her to the sofa. " I will give you a fast massage." I suggested as I ushered for her to sit down

"Nope, no, I...the pain will just go away" Alexa mumbled while her eyes doubled in size and her cheeks turned a bit reddish

"Alexa don't be stubborn. We have a busy day. My dad's parties can go for endless hours. Fake smiling at strangers is hard enough without any neck pain. Just sit and I promise that your neck will feel way better in matter of minutes." I explained and she huffed at me like a kid

"I hate social events. I hate being fake and smiling at strangers for no given reason. I hate it when people compliment others because of mere clothes or money. Blaze, I do not belong to that world and my social anxiety can take over me at any second. What if some people will consider my silence a sign of rudeness? What if people won't allow me to get away even for a little to recharge? What if I make you and your family look bad? My parents got a lot of criticism because I ignored all social events that my family had. People disliked me because I skipped birthday parties but I swear that feel like suffocating in huge crowds...Please let me stay home." Alexa confessed and for the second time since I met her tears welled up in her eyes. I hated to see her weak that is one assured fact. I hate it when she cries. I hate her tears. She should always smile and have creative comebacks ready at me. She should always be her stubborn, strong self.

"Don't cry please. I already feel bad about hurting your neck. Now I feel worse because my dad is ordering me to put you in a world that you clearly hate." I begged and hugged her close to me. She was still standing by the sofa. Just one foot separated us. My hands shot her way, enveloped her and crushed her to my chest. I heard her surprise cry but had no will to allow her out of my grip. I , instead, tightened it around her more. She didn't wiggle or fight me at all. She just hid her head more in my chest and snuggled closer.

"It is not your fault." Alexa hushed lowly "I would be ready by one" She promised looking upward at me because of our closeness I felt comfortable, happy and I got lost in looking in her teary eyes.

"I will be your superman there. I will help you around the crowds. I know that have not been the greatest person to you but I will try to today." I promised and saw her smile growing wide making me smile too.

"Thank you." Alexa said and I honestly felt like I just offered her the world

"You are more than welcome. Now, young lady sit so I can work magic on your neck." I ordered a bit loudly and she giggled

"Okay, okay..." Alexa said sitting down.

She sat on the sofa and I sat behind her. She tilted her head to the side and pulled her waves of silky black hair. My fingertips ran on her skin and as always found a strange warmth while doing so. I started to put a bit of pressure on her neck and she allowed the faintest whimpers to escape her lips. Those sounds made me a bit tense and exited if you know what I mean. I just had to keep reminding myself that this girl was pure and not interested in me. I completed my massage of her neck or stopped it before things got out of hand and ended up lightly kissing the side of her neck and making her jump of surprise and shock.

"A kiss makes everything better." I explained and stood to walk away

"A pillow makes everything better." Alexa playfully said in a minute and before I got what she meant a pillow was shot my way, hitting my retreating back.

"Meany" I playfully yelled at her and she giggled making me smile

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