" I am lost"

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Blaze's Pov

"You know where she is. Just stop being proud and go to her." Elisa repeated again while sipping her champagne.

"She left me. I am the one who begged. She should come back." I corrected yet again glaring at my shot of whiskey.

"You are the one that acted wrongly. Make a move. Claim her heart or else another will" Nina mumbled her voice barely heard over the loud  music

 "I did not and I am not in love with her. I just got use to her being near. She became the voice of my conscious even. She brings off of my high horses. She also cares for me and demands nothing in return. I am comfortable with her and by her that's it." I cleared my feelings for lexi again.

"I never heard you speaking about anyone like that" Nina continued her teasing with a playful smile.

"Well you are not a good listener." I mocked getting really tired of such topic

"You are not a good liar. Go find her." She said with an air of finality and turned to start another topic with Elisa.

              It is been a week. My home is now a house, mere walls. No sound or movement echoes there. No flowers are put in each vase. No coffee smell by seven at the morning or five at noon. Nothing in that building is happening. Life left it, the moment they left. I still go each night to sleep there and I end up with vivid memories of Alexa and even Austin. I won't lie but I do miss both of them. I have never achieved a closeness with that baby but he had his cute moments.  He made me laugh at times. He was not that bad...

             Being alone three months ago would have been a blessing. Now, though loneliness is feasting on my soul. I hate my empty house and would rather go back in time to when all the three of us were together. My protective side kicked in , in less than hours and made me track down Alexa. I had my ways to do so and I discovered that she left to Pennsylvania. My source also guided me to where exactly; she just rented a wooden bungalow near the mountains. I always thought that a runaway girl would prefer fancy hotels near the blue seas but Alexa continues to prove me wrong...She is an introvert after all and what better place to hide away than nature?

              Leaving the bar with heavy feet, I walked to my car. No I am not drunk. I am never in a good mood, lately. I am not searching for girls or adventures. I am shockingly drunk on loneliness and kissing strangers to fill the void never sounded more wrong. I am going insane. I never pass on girls and drinks. This is wholly lexi's fault. Maybe if I finally go and find her I would go back to feeling happy again? Maybe I would get my life back?

Lexi's Pov:

My heart is broken. It is been a week. I guess we never mattered to him that much. We were just other strangers for him to forget? I am an introvert. I hardly get attached to people but once I do, I become possessive. I felt my heart breaking at his last "bets". I noticed myself learning more about him, in the last weeks. His agreement became crucial. His viewpoints of me mattered. Try caring for a baby in one room, also keeping a seven months old silent all day and you will understand how hard I tried for him to look over my selfishness and even like me a little...

A week ago, I left and came to Pennsylvania. I rented a small bungalow with a clear view of the mountains. It is been my dream to live away from the busy cities. I like waking up to views of nature instead of unending streets and loud honking cars. 

Getting Austin's bag ready for a walk, I put him in his stroller and walked out to clear my mind. I had to overlook every feeling I have developed for Blaze. I have to forget him and in a week or maybe two go back and demand a divorce. 

"We don't need him, right Aussie?" I questioned even though my heart wanted to differ.

"You don't need whom?" a familiar voice asked and I froze 

"Why are you here?" I bluntly questioned 

"I decided to check on both of you. I tried calling but your phone was turned off." He answered still crossing his hands and looking me up in down in weird kind of way

"We are fine. You may go back now." I meanly replied and started to walk again.

"You may not need me but I need you. My life is a bigger mess without you." He confessed walking to my side. 

"How is that?" I doubted even though my body instantly relaxed to his nearness and I felt a familiar warmth invading my body.

"I am not able to drink, to go out, to have fun...Nothing seems right." He honestly replied and I wanted to hug him close and tell him that my life is messy too without him but what if he wants me back just as a friend?

"We just need time..." I reminded him once again, afraid of any future heartbreak 

"What if we never forget...I don't seem to." Blaze mumbled sounding weak and tired. I have never heard such tone from him and it kind of broke my heart but gave me a strange faint hope.

"I don't know what will happen. I am lost and afraid of a more troubled future." I confessed and his hand was suddenly placed over mine. 

"I am also lost." He repeated yet his hand firmly held mine.

Our walk continued on being silent. We just walked side to side his hand still on mine. Reaching a little shop, I deiced to enter and get the things that I have been missing. Blaze never said a thing he just pushed the cart while I held Austin and pushed the stroller. 

"Cynthia" was Blaze's only cry when we reached the cashier and he froze shocking me out of my little world. 

"No way!" the short haired girl exclaimed eyeing Blaze, Austin then me "She got you both" she uttered and to my utter shock Austin leaned out my hands to her but she didn't move his way or make any gesture to hold him.

"Both?" Blaze asked letting go of my hand and walking closer to her.

"He is yours." She confessed and I felt my world spinning ...


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