"Don't Fight It"

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Blaze's POV

"You have to leave him here!" I ordered again pointing to Austin while Alexa kept on hugging him closer to her. My temper is clearly rising nearly reaching the roof because of her stubbornness. 

Our fights have evolved rapidly from silent storm outs to full blown out face offs. Alexa and I's lives took a turn to the worst. After meeting Austin, I tried to ignore his existence and just be normal with Alexa. I thought that all was fine, good and dandy. We were having fun while Austin was asleep most of the time. He was sick and tired for a whole week. Luca, Chris, Eric , Nina and Elisa never stopped coming and spending time with us. It was fun like a never ending small party with our closest friends.

The monster in Austin awakened , after so. He would cry whenever Alexa or Chris are not by him. He would hardly let go of Alexa. He is always held by her, between her hands. His head is always laying on her chest or in the crook of her neck. He is also allowed to make messes around the house and play with anything and everything. Alexa and Chris just continue on laughing at him and spoiling him. They think everything he does is cute and adorable. The worst thing is I feel invisible when it comes to Alexa; now she has no time to help me plan my ways to seduce other women. She is also too tired at times and just looks sleepy whenever I try to update her with my life. She clearly does not care. Chris also gave up on our bets and games. It was just me now and none of my friends.

"I won't leave Austin alone. It is either me and him or no one." She yelled back her cheeks flushed red from anger. Her usually cool demeanor and warm eyes turning hard and cold. She hates my ways with Austin but why would I accept him...He is not mine...I am not responsible for him...I will never be and I am not obliged to take him with me to my family's day out.

"How will you introduce him ?" I said pointing at the baby who kept on hiding his head in Alexa's neck.

"My son, he is my son." She talked slowly emphasizing each word.

"We are married that will lead them to think that that little monster is mine." I repeated my argument with clear rejection 

"I approve of your games and bets. Your friends know about our planned wedding leading Chris to ask me out" Alexa murmured calmly and I froze. I don't know why but her words struck me deep and I was waiting for what will come next. Some kind of pain struck my heart and I remembered the moments where Chris decided to sit close to Alexa. He was glued to her side also. He spoiled Austin, played with him and Alexa whenever he was here. Alexa calls him over daily and asks him to help with Austin. Knowing that I hate that baby, she would never bother me with him. I was just a mere watcher. I would come home and find her awing at a sleeping chris holding a sleeping Austin. My body turns rigid as soon as I see how she admires him. I hate how her eyes shine brighter when Chris is near. " I refused to go on a second date with him, out of respect for you." she continued and suddenly all my anger washed away. I felt a sudden kind of lightness erupting in me. An unwanted smile even drew its way on my grim features. 

"I wouldn't have minded" I lied trying to cover up my obvious sudden change of mood "And we are in this mess because of your plan. You started this marriage. This is all you, the drama, the wedding , the baby ...all" I continued on blaming even though I felt slightly bad 

"Finish it, all of this. I gave you the right to file for a divorce ages ago." Alexa said and I saw tears welling in her eyes

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