Tattoos And Heavenly Gift

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Blaze's Pov

"Which tattoo should I get first?" Alexa said capturing the attention of Blaze. She stood from the floor and sat by him on the sofa. He was lazily sitting in the living room with her sipping their afternoon coffee. She sat close to him and he felt heat radiating from her body. She was searching different things on Pinterest and sometimes talked to him or sipped her coffee silently. After collecting a huge amount of pictures, she decided to show him. A foot separated both of them. She still keeps some distance between them even though they have been living, eating and sleeping under the same roof for three months. She is more comfortable around Luca than she will ever be around him. To be honest, Blaze is still amazed to why these days he seems to come back home a lot. If there is none of his "romantic" adventures or bets, he would come and keep Alexa's company. She is still not that relaxed or free around him but they are becoming good friends. He is actually learning about her. He is loving silence and coffee all over again because of her. He even thinks that her introversion might be contagious.

"You are getting a tattoo?" He surprisingly echoed es his eyes shot to meet hers. Her honey brown eyes twinkled reflecting the sunlight. Since she moved to their house and started living with him away from her family she looked freer, happier and more alive. Her head nodded and her silky dark hair fell in waves on her shoulders. He have seen greater beauties. He has had his share of all types of women. He felt lust and hunger around most women he met . Yet seeing Alexa he just felt warm, good, happy, comfortable, at ease, relaxed...the list can go on forever. He just can cuddle with her for days he thought but chuckled internally knowing that she won't let him lay a finger on her and would probably call him a pervert if he ever tried to make a move.

"I wanted one since I became eighteen. Luca and I decided to just go one day and have our first tattoos together but my mother heard us and made me promise not to get any tattoo. My upbringing was traditional and my family is strict. Tattoos meant going wild for them. Mother knew that my dad will get disappointed and angry at me. So I just agreed to never get one till I break from their supervision...Now I live under a roof of my own and my husband has no problem with tattoos. I can get as many as I want." Alexa happily explained turning the her laptop to him and scrolling between different photos of designed tattoos, black ink ones, white ink ones and colored ones...Blaze always considered her to be a coy girl with strict background but little by little he is being amazed at how she is breaking bad...She is fun, that's what he concluded.

"Luca has always been there for you right?" He blurted without thinking and saw Alexa freeze for a moment but then smile wide. Her eyes softened as she nodded at him. He heard a little sigh leaving her lips and her chest rose a little then went back to it usual rhythm. She turned a bit and crossed her legs in front of her. A little move and his hand can brush her legs. The player in him wanted to tease her and try but his booming friendly feelings for her stopped him. She was dressed in one of those cute pajama sets that she owns. He never saw her wearing satin nightgowns. She is always dressed in short shorts and huge t-shirts with cute designs on them. She kept a clear face with no hint of make up and allowed her hair to just fall freely on her back.

"I knew him on my first day of university. Girls were eyeing him through the corridors while I was fighting with the coffee machine that did not want to work no matter what I did. I think I was grumbling loud at it and maybe swearing a bit and that's how I got Luca's attention. He just stopped and pointed at the machine's electronic wire that was not connected to any plug. He then helped me to start the machine and bought my first cup of coffee in university..." Alexa said her smile getting bigger by the second. Her memories of Luca , also his presence always made her happy and Blaze knew for sure that Luca will always have a great presence and influence in his wife's life.

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