Chapter Seven

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It's been a few days since...the almost kiss and both Becca and Leo haven't really been saying much to each other. Becca was on her hands and knees in the garden. April said if she was bored. She could tend to the garden and plant whatever she wishes. Becca had a bunch of seeds her mother bought her as well as different tools. Becca wore some ripped blue jeans,a faded white shirt that was almost gray. Some flip flops without socks. She was wearing a hair band to keep the bangs from her eyes. She didn't notice but Leo was watching her the whole time.

"Hey Leo!!!"

Leo jumped and turned around from the window seeing Ralph smirking.

"What you want Ralph." Leo asked annoyed

"Why you watching her hmm?"

Leo blushed and glared. "Just to make sure she stays safe that's all."

"You and I both know it's very safe around here. No Foot Clan or Purple Dragons. So whats the real reason? Captain."

Leo sighed slightly. "Fine...I like her and almost kissed her the other day but Mikey stopped that from happening!"

"I knew it!!" Donnie yelled and raced over.

"Does everyone know?!" Leo snapped blushing embarrassed.

"Everyone but Becca and Mikey." Ralph answered. "You really need to tell her."

"I'll tell her when i'm ready!" Leo snapped.

They laughed. "Whatever you say Leo! Though Becca is leaving." 

The two walked off as Leo turned back to the window seeing Becca heading into the nearby forest. 

"Gah...doesn't she know how dangerous the forest is! She could get lost!" Leo race down the stairs from the attic and out the door. 


Becca needed a break from garden and went for a walk. She kept to the pathway and listened to the birds sing. She sang along to the birds not knowing Leo was following her quietly through the trees. She turned and corner. Her eyes went wide in shock as she as face to face with a large grizzly bear! She backed away. The bear turned to her and went up on two paws than roared in her face.

 "Becca!" Leo yelled and leaped down in front of her. He took out his kantanas and glared. "Bring it on Bear." He threatened.

 Becca looked surprised when Leo came out of nowhere. "C-careful Leo!"

"Trust me I fought worse than a bear." He told her smirking. 

The bear swiped at him.

 Leo laughed slightly as the claws hit his chest shell. "That all you got?" He raced at it and tackled it than put his sword to it's neck. 

"Don't kill it!" Becca cried. 

Leo looked surprised but did as told and leaped off it. 

The bear went back on four paws and raced away.

 Leo walked over to Becca and help her up worried. "Are you alright?!"

"I-Im fine!"

"That's why you never go into the forest alone!"

"How was I to know I would run into a bear?!"

"J-just think next time!"

"You don't control me you know!"

"I just don't want to see you get hurt Becca!"

"I won't!"

"J-just...arugh!" Leo looked annoyed and frustrated. 

Becca crossed her arms. 

"Why do you even care so much?"

Leo took a deep breath and almost yelled. "Cause I like you!" 

She stood there in shock. He likes me?! She thought.  

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