chapter nine

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One stormy night, Becca sat on the couch home alone. Even the turtles were gone on a patrol.  So she took the time to watch a horror film as her mom hates them. She jumped as the girl screamed and was killed by the doll. (Bonus points if you know which movie! No it's not annabelle.)  She hid under the blanket than screamed as the power went off. She peeked out and hid again as a crash was heard. Lightning flashed. “great! One time I'm home alone and the power goes off with a thunderstorm!” She cried shivering. Just then footsteps was heard upstairs. She whimpered Terrified.  She heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. “I'm going to die!” She muttered as tears fell down her face from fright. She screamed as the blanket was thrown off.

“Becca?! Are you okay?!” asked a voice worried.

She opened an eye and sighed with relief seeing the figure of Leo.  “l-leo?!”

Leo grabbed her in his arms and held her as she shivered.

The other three brothers were behind her.

“what's wrong dudette?” mikey asked.

“scared...very scared…” was all Becca said

Leo pat her back. “Hey we’re here now. It's okay.”

“yah only cause it started to pour.” Ralph mattered.

Leo glared at him.

Donnie sighed. “I'll see if we have any candles.” Donnie went to go look around.

“can we play games?”

“not video games no power.” Ralph pointed out.

“How about Spooky stories?” mikey suggested and Leo gave a look to Mikey.
“okay Fine. Than what can we do?”

“we can tell Becca some of our stuff we did in new York?” Ralph suggested.

Becca looked over at Ralph. “I love that idea!”

Ralph looked proud.

Donnie came downstairs. “got candles!” he started to light them up around the room. While Leo started one of the turtle stories.

~Few hour skip~

By the time 11 pm rolled around. Thunder and lightning were still crashing. But no one noticed as the candles were unlit as everyone was camping out together in the living during the thunderstorm. Becca didn't feel so scared anymore with four turtles to protect her.

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