chapter 19

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Leo looked over his and Donnie’s plans for Becca and Kelly's goodbye party. He looked up. “mikey no! No eating the cake!!” Leo raced over to the table.

Mikey was about to dip his finger in the icing. He pouted. “Awe but they are taking forever!!”

Leo rolled his eyes. He looked over at the dance floor Ralph was making. He blinked seeing Ralph sitting their on the couch. “come on Ralph!! You need you move the couch and TV!!”

Ralph grumbled then got up and moved the TV and table. Than sat back down on the floor.

Leo sighed and looked over as Donnie walked downstairs with a remote and a box. “lights all set?”

“yep and I made her a t-phone too.” Donnie answered

The door opened. The turtles turned and their mouth hang open in shock.

Becca wore a new black dress that showed her figure smiling.  She also were tall high heel boots and her was tied up in a pony tail.
“like my new outfit?”

Leo fainted.

Mikey grinned. “you look hot dudette!!”

Donnie blushed and looked away.

Ralph blinked and looked away grumbling.

April and Kelly laughed at their reactions.

Becca raced over to Leo's side and shook him. “hey wake up!”

Leo grunted and sat up. But banged his head on Becca's. 

“ow!” they both cried. They looked at each other rubbing for heads than laughed.

“so we getting this party started or what?” mikey asked grinning.

Leo helped Becca up.  “let dance!” he answered.

Everyone cheered and started to party happily. 

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