chapter eight

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After an awkward few minutes Leo broke the silence.

“Ummm m-maybe we should head back…?” he suggested blushing and scratching his neck.

She shook her head.  “y-yah I think that be a good idea.” She agreed and let him lead the way. *Why didn't I say anything?! I do like him he's my fav turtle! But I may freak him out a little if he knew…* She thought. After what felt like forever they made it to the house. April and Kelly where sitting on the pouch. Kelly was holding a gift bag.

Leo did a short greeting and disappeared inside.

Becca walked over. “hey.”

“what was that about?” April asked confused.

“don't worry about…” She blinked surprised when the gift bag was shoved in her face.

“got this for you!” her mom said happily.

Mikey,Ralph and Donnie peeked out the door curious. 

Becca opened it and her face blushed. Yet she looked thrilled. She took out a Leo stuffy. “you found on-”

Ralph grabbed it chuckling. “so you like him too do you?”

“Ralph give that back before he sees!!”

“look guys! Becca got a Leo plushie!!” Ralph wave it around.

“let me see!!” mikey took it from him and looked it over. “it's cute! Cuter than in person!”

“T-thats not true!” Becca stuttered.

Donnie took the plushie and studied it. He poked it and it squeed. “okay that's cute!”

“guuuuys! Can I have it back please! I don't…” She froze.

“what you guys fighting over now?” Leo stole the plushie from Donnie. He looked at it and his face went red. “i-it's me!!”

The brothers snickered and ran upstairs.

“of course it's you dear.  Your Becca's favorite turtle of course. She  wanted a plushie of you for a long time.”  Kelly replied

Becca's face went red and she quickly hid behind her hands.

Leo smirked a little. “is that so?”

“oh yes she says she loves you!”

Becca blushed more.

Leo blushed a little than laughed.

April grabbed Kelly's arm trying not to laugh her head off and dragged her inside.

Leo walked over to Becca and stood in front of her smirking. “so you love me eh?”

“m-maybe…” She whimpered.

Leo threw the plushie to the porch. He then grabbed her hands and moved them. Before Becca could say anything.  He leaned forward and kissed her.

Her face went as red as it could. Than she slowly closed her eyes as he held her hands and kissed her sweetly.

He let go than looked into her green eyes smiling. He whispered in her ear. “I love you too.”

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