chapter three

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Becca laid in the guest room staring at the ceiling. Her mother was in the RV.  She didn't feel like sleeping in their so April let her use the guest room. Just then she sat up hearing footsteps from the attic.  She quickly got out of bed and hurried to the attic door. She leaned her ear against it hearing voices.

“dude are you sure that girl won't find us?”

“for the millionth time Mikey! We sneak out the window so no she won't know we are here!!!”

“he has a point Ralph.  That girl seems to curious for her own good. She may find a way up here…”

“I calculate there's a 50/50 chance she will find us up here.”

There was a sigh. “Well best we can do is stay hidden. Only go out at night so that girl and her mother won't see us.”

“what if she can hear us?”

“mikey!” three voices shouted annoyed

“what? It could be truth. I mean we aren't being very quiet right at this moment.”

There was silence then footsteps and it stayed quiet.

Becca slid down the door in shock. Could it be?! Where the turtles of her dreams real?! After all this time!!! She had to find the key now! She sneaked down the hallway toward April's room. She slowly opened the door and creeped past her bed. She peeked under her bed as April slept. She took out her phone and put on the flashlight keeping it low.

She glared seeing no key. She than quietly checked the drawers. She froze. She slowly walked to April's bed and checked around her neck seeing a key necklace.

*damn it!* she thought.

She waited till April rolled over then slipped it off her head. She grinned she turned her phone off. She sneaked to the door and unlocked it quietly.  She slipped the key around her neck. Than opened the door.  She looked up into the dark staircase. She took a deep breath and walked up the stairs.  She turned her phone flashlight on. She flashed it around but didn't see anything.  She grunted disappointed. She then started to look around. She felt herself getting sleepy. She than curled up beside a case falling asleep. Not noticing four figures sneak back in through the window.

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