chapter 17

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Becca sighed as she crossed off another day. “one week will I tell Leo?” She asked herself. She than got herself dressed. It was a warm day. So she wore a hot pink tank top,blue shorts,white ankle socks and her normal runners. She opened the door and let out a surprise cry as she was tackled/hugged on the spot.

“morning Becca!!” mikey greeted in his happy go lucky way.

Becca laughed and pat his shell. “morning Mikey.”

Mikey let her go and hurried to the kitchen for pizza.

Becca walked over to the kitchen. She sneaked a piece from behind Mikey.

“H-Hey! That was mine!”

Leo walked down the steps and as soon as he made it to the bottom Becca hid behind him.

Mikey raced over trying to grab her. “gave it back!”

“Uh?” Leo answered confused.

Becca smirked and took a bite out of the slice.

“no! My pizza!” mikey cried.

Ralph banged his hand. “there's more in the fridge dummy.”

Mikey was about to say something then grinned. “more pizza!!” he zoomed to the fridge.

Leo and Ralph sighed a little.

Becca giggled and finished her slice. 

Ralph walked away and Leo turned around. Than hugged her.

Becca smiled and looked up at him. “what should we do today Leo?”

“hmm how about…”

“SPACE HEROES MARATHON!!!” They both yelled at the same time.

“not again!” Ralph cried

Mikey was too busy enjoying his pizza to care.

Donnie was sleeping upstairs.

Leo and Becca chuckled and leaped onto the couch. They watch the marathon till evening.  Becca fell asleep on his shoulder. Leo smiled and gently picked her up. He cared her to her room then put her on the bed. He covered her up than noticed the calendar. He walked over seeing the days being crossed off since she got here.  He quietly left and went to find Kelly.

She was in the RV getting ready. Boots was curled up on the bed fast asleep.

Leo knocked on the door.

Kelly walked over and opened it. “Leo!” She said surprised.

“we need to talk.”

Kelly let him in.

Few minutes later:

He sat on one of the beds in disbelief.  “after everything we been through she has to leave?”

“she doesn't have a choice. She can't stay here and she has school…”

Leo sighed. “i-i know Kelly but…” he looked up at her close to crying. “Why didn't she say anything?”

“perhaps she couldn't. “ Kelly sat beside him. She put a hand on his shoulder. “she does love you and maybe cause of that she didn't want to say goodbye early or make you sad.”

“I know...I love her too and I will miss her. But I understand she has to leave.” Leo looked at Kelly. “thanks though.”

She nodded smiling. “you're a good guy Leo. Try talking to her tomorrow about it.”

Leo gave her a gently hug and stood up. “I will. Sleep well Kelly.”

“you too Leo.”

Leo then left the RV and went to sleep thinking of what to tell her tomorrow.

A/n: to anyone who wondered what boots looks like.

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