chapter 16

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Becca was helping her mom bake a chocolate cake to surprise everyone. She giggled as she dipped her finger in the batter.

“hey!!” her mom yelled and slapped her gently.

“couldn't help it!” Becca giggled.

Her mom was about to say something when they both heard voices. They looked at each other and peeked out of the kitchen. A girl with short black hair,blonde in the back (okay it's kurai you all know what she looks like!).

“who's that?” Kelly asked.

“trouble…” Becca answered glaring.

“I can't believe you came all the way out here!” Leo said shocked sitting by Kurai on the couch.

“I just asked Splinter where you guys were and he told me. Thought you guys would miss me.” She said and giggled.

Becca growled and Kelly slowly backed away.

Kurai moved closer to him. “perhaps we could maybe train later?” She suggested smiling.

Leo looked awkward. “Uhhh w-well…”

“get-away from-my-man…”

“Hmmm?” Kurai turned and froze.

Becca stood there glaring grinding her teeth with a wooden spoon in her hand.

“Uhhh...who are you?”

“I'm his girlfriend.” Becca pointed out.

Kurai looked at Leo but he was hiding behind the couch.

“Ummm you may wanna go see my other brothers…” Leo suggested.

“she doesn't...Ow!” Kurai was hit on the head and turned to Becca who was holding a broken spoon.

“leave. Now.”

Kurai looked Terrified and got up. She than raced up the stairs.

Leo slowly peeked from behind the couch. But he didn't see her. He looked around then his face went red when Becca kissed him. When she broke the kiss he smirked. “looks someone got a little jealous.”

Becca blushed and dropped the broken spoon. “can't help it.” She grabbed the brads from his bandana. “you're mine.” then they end up making out till the cake was done.

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