chapter 13

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Becca was staring out the window of her guest room bored as all can be. She made a face and sighed.

Kelly walked in and tapped her head.

Becca looked backward up at her. "yes?"

"want to go swimming? April said there's a pond near by so the turtles can come along... wherever they are."

Becca grinned. "yes!

Kelly chuckled. She left so she can get her swimsuit on then went upstairs. "Hello?"

Donnie looked up from his makeshift lab. "oh hello Kelly! What can I do for you?"

"Becca,April and I are going swimming in the local pond. You and your brothers are free to join us if you like!"

Donnie took off his goggles. "I'll be happy to! I don't know where the others are though..."

Kelly clapped her hands together grinning. "great! We are heading over there right away! So come by anytime!"

"Mom I'm ready!! Do you have a towel?"

Kelly went downstairs while Donnie cleaned up his lab.

"April has them at the pond!"

Becca raced outside in her two piece cheetah patterned swimsuit.

"H-Hey Becca wait for me!!" Kelly called and raced after her.

~Few minutes later~

"yahoo!!!" Becca cheered as she raced past April and leaped into the pond with a splash.

Kelly walked over and sat beside April and Donnie stood behind them watching Becca.

Becca resurfaced seeing Donnie. "come on in Donnie!! The water is great!!!" Becca called to him.

"let me call my brothers first!!" he called and sat down the two women. He took out his t-phone calling Leo.

"hey Leo! Where are you guys?"


"Well hurry back we are all at the pond and Becca is wearing a swimsuit." There was a loud slam and Donnie laughed.

Donnie put his t-phone away by the two women. Than he raced forward and leaped in.

Becca laughed as Donnie leaped in. When he resurfaced Becca splashed him.

They both started a splash fight laughing as the other brothers showed up.

Mikey grinned. He raced over. "kalabanga!" he yelled leaping in.

Donnie and Becca smirked . They faced mikey as he resurfaced and started to splash him.

"H-Hey! No fair! Two on one!" mikey laughed.
"coming Mikey!!" Ralph called and raced into the water. The four of them started a splash war.

Leo grinned watching Becca and his brothers. Than looked shocked. "H-Hey careful!" he cried as Ralph picked Becca up.

Ralph grinned. "in you go!!" he threw Becca into the water.

Becca laughed as she thrown into the water with a splash.

Ralph and his brothers grinned.

Kelly stood up worried after a few minutes passed. "she can't swim well!" She cried.

Leo raced inside the water and dived where Becca disappeared. A minute later he resurfaced with Becca who was coughing up water over his shell.

Leo carried her to shore and put her down by her mom. He than turned and glared at Ralph. "you almost made her drown!!" he yelled loudly.

Donnie grabbed Mikey and pulled him out of the water.

Ralph walked over glaring. "How was I to know she wasn't a good swimmer?!"

"You should have asked before you threw her!!!"

"Why should I?!"

Becca watched the two fight. Becca got up and grabbed his arm. "Leo I'm okay..."

"stay out of this!!!" he snapped and pushed her to the ground. He froze seeing what he just did.

Becca got up raced off.

Leo looked shocked.

"nice going..." Ralph muttered. He helped April and Kelly packed up after saying to Kelly. Than followed them back to April's house. Leaving Leo their feeling guilty.

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