chapter 14

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Leo sighed as he sat on the couch not sure what to do. He didn't mean to push Becca down. He just was so mad! He scratched his neck.


He turned seeing Kelly with some flowers and a box of chocolate.

“Uhhh thanks?”

“they aren't for you! They are for Becca! Go say sorry now!”

He jumped up surprised.  Than nodded. He took them and went to her bedroom door. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Becca got up from her bed after crying...again. she opened the door looking surprised seeing Leo standing their with flowers and a box of chocolate.

“Uhhh I-i just wanted to say sorry for before...I didn't mean to push you. I was mad at my brother and I Uh took it out on you...I'm sorry…” Before he said anything else Becca hugged him.

“i-it's okay!”

Leo smiled happily and threw his arms around her hugging her.

“Awe!” Leo looked over at mikey making a kissy face. He stepped back and gave Becca the stuff. “excuse me a second…” he turned to Mikey glaring. “I'M GOING TO KILL YOU MIKEY!”

“OH SHI-” Mikey ran upstairs with Leo following.

Becca sniffed the flowers than giggled as she heard them running around upstairs.  “Well this turned out as as good day...well for me at least.”

A/N:Sorry it's short but eh oh well!

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