chapter one

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A girl stared out the window of her family's truck, watching the RV trail behind it. She was around seventeen years old, had hazel eyes,and short, dark brown hair. Since it was July, she was dressed somewhat lightly: her outfit consisted of a TMNT t-shirt, jeans, and runners. She wasn't much of a girly-girl, but she didn't consider herself a tomboy, either. She was somewhere in between; although she tended to wear unisex clothing; she occasionally enjoyed wearing dresses and embracing her femininity.

    The girl straightened her posture. Her gaze landed on her mother, who was sitting in front of the steering wheel. Her mother was in her forties. She had green eyes, and she had dyed her long hair purple to hide the fact that she was going gray. Unlike her daughter, she only wore feminine clothes and jewelry.

    “Mom, when are we going to get there?” the girl asked, annoyed.

    “When we get there, Becca. New York City is a few days away from home. We've only been on the road for a day!” her mother told her, equally annoyed. “Why don't you watch some TMNT on your laptop or something?”

    Becca sighed and reached for her laptop. She took a moment to look at her cat, Boots, who was sleeping inside a small kennel. Boots had yellowish green eyes, black and white fur, and a long tail that bristled like a fox's whenever she was surprised. She also had a white diamond-shaped marking on her forehead, which was Becca's favorite thing about her. Boots hated car rides, but since there was no one to look after her back at home, she had no choice but to come along.

    Becca turned on her laptop, which was covered in My Little Pony stickers. She wasn't ashamed to be a Pegasister. After she typed in her password, she opened a folder full of videos she had downloaded from YouTube and put on an episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. While the theme song was playing, she retrieved her headphones from her laptop case and put them on. She let out a dreamy sigh when Leonardo appeared on the screen and greeted April. He's so hot, she thought. Becca wished Leo was real, and often fantasized about how he would act if she met him.

    Becca had no idea who she and her mother would be meeting in New York City—and no idea that this experience would change her life forever…

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