chapter 11

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Becca marked off on her calendar again.  “two weeks and he still hasn't asked me out…” She grinned getting an idea. She walked out toward the living room where Leo was watching his favourite show Space Heroes. She looked over at him over the couch. “oh leo~” She greeted with a smirked.
Leo looked over at her confused. “yes?” he asked confused. Should he be scared?

“can you take me through the forest later?” She asked smiling hiding something.


“yay!!” She wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug then hurried off to find Donnie.

“yah...I think I should be a little scared…”  he muttered.

~Hour later~

Leo waited outside for Becca still confused on why she wanted him to take her to the forest. Donnie walked over.

“Donnie? Where's Becca?” he asked confused.  

Before he could say anything.  Donnie switched Leo's bandana right around so he couldn't see.

“H-Hey what's the big idea!” Leo cried

“shut up and follow me.” Donnie took his hand and lead him the way through the forest.  Soon they came to a clearing.

Donnie switched his mask back around so he could see.

Leo looked surprised.  On the ground was a light blue blanket with a picnic basket and a small radio.

Becca stood up smiling.  She wore a strapless blue dress that April bought her. Her normal white socks with black runners. Her short hair had a dark blue ribbon at the top. “surprise!!”

“W-whats this about?!” Leo said in shock and looked at Donnie be weathered.

“enjoy.” was all Donnie said smiling before walking away.

Leo looked back at Becca confused.

“it's our first date. You wouldn't ask me so I did it myself.” Becca said a little bashful.

Leo grinned. He walked over. He picked her up and spinned her around.  He put her back down and held onto her shoulders smiling. “it's perfect Becca!”

Becca grinned. “great!! Let's eat than!!”

Becca walked over to the blanket and sat down. She pulled out a homemade Hawaiian pizza.

Leo walked over and sat in front of her. “what kind of pizza is that?” he asked confused.

“it's my favourite Hawaiian pizza. It's ham,cheese with pineapple.” She gave him a piece.  “try it!”

He slowly took a bite. His eyes went wide in surprise.

Becca giggled as she watched him quickly finish. “do you like it?”

“THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE!” He yelled and grabbed another piece.

Becca laughed and went back to eating her piece.

They continued eating and chatting for the whole day. Enjoying each other's company more than ever.

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