chapter 12

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(takes place a few hours after the last chapter!)

Leo and Becca walked hand in hand through the forest back toward April's house. Leo had an idea.  Leo picked her up bridal style smirking.

Becca blushed surprised. “W-what you doing?!” She asked surprised.

“now it's my turn for a surprise. Hold on!” Leo leaped up into the trees to the top.

Becca held onto his neck blushing and nervous. 

Leo made it to the top and put her down but held her close to him so she wouldn't fall.

Becca stared at the view in awe. “it's beautiful Leo!!” She gasped.

Leo smiled looking at her. “yah you are.”

Becca blushed surprised and looked up at him. She smiled.

He smiled back and pulled her closer to him. He lowered a bit so he could look into her green eyes. “I'm glad I met you Becca…”

“I'm glad I met you too Leo…”

Before either of them could think. They both kissed each other happily. Eyes closed and enjoying each other's embrace. 

Becca wrapped her arms around his neck as Leo held onto her hips. The kiss only lasted a few moments but felt like forever to them. They both opened their eyes and smiled. He lowered his forehead gently against hers then picked her up again. She giggled as he leaped down the tree. He carried her as they headed back to April's house. She snuggled close to him happily.

*best date ever!* they both thought.

A/n: sorry it's so short!!

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