chapter two

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Becca watched as they past street lights after street light. It was around ten on their second day of driving. Just than her mother pulled into a driveway. Becca sat up and looked out her door at the house. It was a two story house with an attic so would that be three stories? It was made out of red brick and had a small garden at front. It also looked like it had a rather large back yard with white fence around it. Her mom parked the truck and RV than climbed out as the front door opened. Becca unbuckled her seatbelt and climbed out. She looked up at the small circle window of the attic. She blinked as the curtains closed. She tipped her head then sighed. She walked back over to her mother as they chatted. 

“it's been so long April how have you been?!” her mother gave the women a huge hug.

The women named April had orange hair that was tied up in a pony tail.  She wore a yellow Hoodie with jeans and some kind of black boots. Her eyes were a green like color or blue? It was hard to tell in the low light. 

“yes it has been a long time Kelly!” April said happily and looked at Becca smiling. “and this must be your youngest daughter Rebecca am I right?” April greeted.

Becca sighed. “people call me Becca. It's easier to say.” She answered. “can we go inside now? It's a little cold. “

“oh yes of course! Follow me.” April turned and lead the two inside.

Becca stepped up the steps and into the house. She looked around. It was a normal looking house. One large hallway that lead to the bathroom,two bedrooms and another door. She bet it lead the the attic. So she guessed it was a two story house. Becca turned to April.

“Where does that door lead too?” She asked pointing.

April turned and smiled. “that's the attic. You must never go up there. It's haunted you know.”

Kelly laughed. “really April? Haunted?! That's hogwash!”

April laughed. “Well I don't want her up there either way.” She explained and showed her to the kitchen. Becca got curious. She went down the hallway. She stood at the door and noticed it was locked with a keyhole. She was about to touch it when…

“Becca come have some tea!” her mother called from the kitchen.

Becca jumped in surprise.  “coming!” She called and looked at the door. “I'll find out what's she hiding sometime.  I'm here for a whole month.” She turned and raced back to the kitchen not noticing an eye watching her leave through the keyhole.

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