chapter six

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Becca was home alone while April took her mother to the nearby town for shopping.   She was munching away on some chips when a hand took one out of the bag. “hey!!” She turned glaring. She blinked and shook her head.

Leo chuckled and popped it in his mouth. “yum!”

“next time ask you pig!!”

Leo hopped over the couch and sat beside her. “fine I'll ask when you take food from April.”

Becca blushed and pouted.

Leo laughed and petted her head.


Leo blushed surprised and moved his hand. “sorry...I'm used to doing that to my brothers....” he looked away awkwardly.

Becca chuckled. “it's fine.  Though I need revenge.”

He looked at her confused and before he could say anything. Becca slipped his mask off his head and ran off.

“H-Hey! Give that back Becca!” he leaped to his feet and raced after her.

She laughed and dived into one of the bedrooms and hid.

He opened the door and smirked looking around. “Where did you go?”

Becca covered her mouth from the closet trying not to giggle. She smirked and tied the mask around her face because she could. 

Leo looked around. “Hmmm…” he started to search around the room.  Soon he came to the closest.  He opened it and blinked surprised.  She looked cute wearing his mask. A small blush came on his face.

She giggled and grinned. “you found me!”

Leo shook his head and chuckled. “yep I did!” he put his hand out.  “can I have my mask back please?”

She chuckled and untied it then gave it back.
He took it and tied it back around his eyes. Than took her hand. But he pulled a little too hard and she was pulled right to his chest.

She blushed surprised as he did too.

“s-sorry!” he looked down at her.

She looked up at him as their eyes connected. She didn't notice the stones glowing.

Leo leaned downward toward her.

She leaned toward him than…

“Yo dudes!” mikey greeted at the door.

They both blushed with wide eyes and took a step away from each other.

“what you two doing?” mikey asked and walked over.

The other two turtles peeked inside curious.

“N-nothing!” they both answered.

“i-im going to go watch TV!” Becca hurried away.

Donnie and Ralph watch her hurry to the living room confused. Than looked over at Leo.

Leo shrugged pretending nothing happened than headed upstairs.

“somethings up. “ Ralph told Donnie. 

“I agree. That's the kind of look I gave April.”

“you mean…?”

“yep Leo likes Becca!"

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