chapter ten

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Becca sighed as she marked an x on her calendar in her room. “three more weeks and I have to leave…” She muttered and glared over at her Leo Plushie. She wasn't sure where Leo and his brothers where but at the same she hoped she didn't see them. She winced as she felt pain in her stomach.  She ran to the bathroom.  Kelly her mom noticed and waited till she came out.

“Becca what's wrong?” She asked confused.

“periods...cramps…” She whimpered and went back into her room. She curled up on the bed. She hugged her Leo plush whimpering.

A moment later Leo walks down the steps yawning from a late night patrolling.  He grabbed some breakfast and sees Kelly making a chocolate cake. “what's with the cake?” he asked confused.

“it's for Becca to cheer her up a little.”

“cheer her up? Is she sad? Sick?!” he asked worried.

she chuckled.  “no she's on her shark week.”

“shark week?”

She sighs than explained it to him what she meant.

his face started out in disgust,shock,horror than understanding. He hurried to Becca's room. “Uhhh Becca? Princess? Are you okay?”

Becca groaned for an answer.

Leo opened the door. He walked over and scooped her up and held her gently in his arms.

Becca blushed and looked up at him surprised. 

“thought a snuggle would make you feel better.” he said smiling. *Though seeing her snuggle a plushie of me is quite cute too…* He thought.

“thanks…” She answered and finally fell asleep in his arms.

He laid back on her bed. He held her close gently and also fell asleep smiling.

~Few hours skip~

There was a knock at the door. Leo sat up carefully not to wake Becca. He stood up and opened the door. Kelly stood their with two plates with a piece of chocolate cake. She smiled at him. 

“she can eat it when-”

“is that chocolate?!” Becca cheered sitting up on the bed.

They both laughed.

“thanks Kelly.” Leo said chuckling. He took the plates and Kelly closed the door. Leo walked over and gave the cake to Becca. They both shared the cake happily.

“wow! Your mom is almost better than Mikey!” Leo said surprised.

“almost better?”

“okay she is better!”

They both laughed and enjoyed each other's company and ate the cake for the rest of the day. Leo never left her side for the whole week. He even missed out on patrols to take care of her. (Awe how sweet!)

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