chapter four

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Becca heard something and woke a little.

"I told you she would find us!"

"shut up mikey! This is serious!"

"let's all calm down Ralph. Maybe she won't freak out or anything."

"there's a high chance she will freak out."

"not helping Donnie!"

"let's all just calm down and maybe see if she wants a pizza."

"not now Mikey!" all three yelled annoyed

"quiet down I'm sleeping..." Becca muttered and rolled over with a grunt. She winced and opened a eye annoyed as a shadow feel over her. She looked up seeing two bright blue eyes looking down at her.

"she's kinda cute for a nerd."

Becca looked up at him as light flashed through the window. She was staring at Michelangelo! She screamed.

Mikey screamed and fell back knocking a vise to the ground.

Becca stood up seeing Donnie and screamed pointing at him.

Donnie screamed and fell back beside Mikey too.

Ralph facepalmed.

Leo sighed. "let's all calm down."

The attic opened and April flicked the lights on making Leo jumped.

Becca raced over to April and hid behind her.

"heh sorry guys...I guess she didn't listen to me..." April looked at Becca with a glare.

Becca backed up a little and blinked. "gah!!" She shouted as she fell back.

"whoa their!" Leo cried in surprise. He rushed forward pushing April to the side and grabbed Becca's hand and pulled her upward and to his chest.

Becca blushed surprised as her heart raced. She looked up at him.

"you okay?" Leo asked worried.

"i-im fine!" She stuttered surprised.

Leo nodded trying to hide his blush and let go of her.

April smirked a little and glanced over at Donnie and the other two.

Ralph face palmed again.

Mikey looked well having no idea what was happening. He was chasing a spider on the ground.

Donnie looked confused then went "oh!" and sighed slightly. He stood up. "Leo I really don't think this is the time to think of romance."

Leo turned to him surprised. He blushed a little and spread his hands in front of him in a shocked expression. "what! It wasn't like that! I-i was just saving her from falling down the stairs!!"

Donnie rolled his dark brown eyes. "surre." he answered.

Mikey walked over to Becca with a grin. "hi I'm Michelangelo! But everyone calls me Mikey! Want some pizza?"

"Uhhh sure?" Becca answered confused.

"booyah!" he cheered as he grabbed Becca's hand and drags her down the stairs.

There was a scream from Kelly Becca's mom as Mikey dragged her to the kitchen.

Leo sighed. "we better follow and make sure he doesn't get himself in any more trouble."

"and I have some stuff to explain..." April added in and followed the brothers downstairs.

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