chapter 15

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Becca giggled as she fed Leo some of the chips April had.

Leo munched on the chips than opened his mouth for more. 

Becca was about give him more chips when the door slammed open making the two jump.  They both looked over seeing a guy with a hockey mask.

“ahhhh!!! It's a scary creature!”

Leo sighed. “no it's just Casey.”

Casey put the mask over his head with a smirk. “Yo Leo! Who's the chick?”

Becca stood up and crossed her arms. “my name is Becca.”

Leo narrowed his eyes a little.

Casey walked over smirking and put an arm around her shoulder. “your pretty cute. How about we go and play some hockey hmm?”

Leo growled and reached for his katana.

“Well I do like hockey but I rather not play with you.” Becca answered

“awe come on Brown. I don't bite.” he smirked getting closer to her.

Leo grabbed him then threw him to the ground and pointed his katana at his face.  “she wasn't interested Casey. Go bug someone else who's single!”

“f-fine!!” Casey crawled backward and ran off crying for April.

Becca giggled and walked over to Leo. “someone is jealous.”

Leo blushed and put his weapon away. “i-i was not!”


He blushed more. Than scratched his neck. “O-okay maybe I was…”

Becca giggled and went on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Well it was kinda hot.”

Leo blushed more than smirked. He grabbed her gently and kissed her. “you're mine.”

A/N: I'm sorry the chapters are so short lately idk why!!!

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